Lifelong Health

The LifePlan Program

In lieu of LifeCare, those who wish to self-insure or have good long-term care insurance policies can choose our LifePlan agreement (for purposes of comparison, some communities refer to this as "Fee for Service").

Within this program, residents of Warwick Forest pay the current market rates for health care services, if needed. This may be a good option for those with private long-term care insurance since all or most of their health care costs will be covered by their insurance provider. A couple may also choose a "Combined Agreement", meaning that one spouse chooses LifeCare and the other chooses LifePlan.

The best way to know which of our financial plans is best for you is to meet with your marketing counselor. We will help you evaluate your personal situation and present you with your options and a recommendation. We understand everyone has different goals, so once we understand yours, we can provide you with the right information to consider.

Please visit our Fee Description page to learn more about our LifeCare and LifePlan financial agreements.

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