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Our team has focused on brain health, and specifically memory care excellence, for decades. As part of Riverside Health System, we continue to take a very comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to care. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment to patients with a range of conditions that affect cognition and memory. These may include Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, traumatic brain injury, and brain vascular disease. Using diagnostic and treatment advances, we provide patients with a thorough assessment, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.

Our team starts with a baseline of overall health and specific cognitive and mood evaluations. As part of such a broad system of care, an interdisciplinary team is available for the specific needs of our patients.

We take the time to talk with both the patient and caregiver to determine goals, barriers and what support is needed through resources and educational information to help guide your progress. Together, we will find an optimal care path, so patients feel a part of the decisions and caregivers and loved ones find support through each aspect of care.

Because many forms of dementia or other cognitive deficits exist, it is critical to care planning to have the correct diagnosis. Clinical care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of specially trained and qualified team members, such as:

Within the full range of clinical support, we ensure patient safety with all aspects of daily living, including careful medication review. We also support those sometimes-difficult conversations around keeping our patients safe on the road. With our comprehensive driver rehabilitation program, we offer a Senior Driver Safety Assessment and Adaptive Driver Assessment and Training. Please call us at 757-220-4751 for more information about our specialized services.

While a specific diagnosis may not yet exist, you may have concerns about changes in your loved one’s behavior, memory or function and don’t know what to do – or where to go for help. These functional issues are not part of the normal aging process, so awareness should indicate the need for a conversation with your health care provider when something is off or isn't normal behavior.

Getting Started

We encourage you to reach out to your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to first discuss your memory or thinking. If you do not already have a PCP, please reach out to our network of primary health care providers with Riverside Medical Group who care for people on the Virginia Peninsula, Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck and Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Our experts at our Memory Care Clinic and Geriatric Assessment Clinic are specially trained clinicians who use an innovative, nationally recognized model of care designed around each patient’s specific needs and goals.

A referral is needed for Riverside’s Memory Care Clinic. Learn more by calling Riverside Neurology Specialists today at 757-637-7500.

No referral is needed for the our Geriatric Assessment Clinic. Please call us at 757-220-4751.

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