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With the decision made for your new home setting or community, the detailed planning and moving can begin. Even if you have taken a tour of your community, visit again with a different perspective on managing all aspects of the move. As you prepare to move, embrace the memories at your current home and enjoy the time of reflection with family and friends.

Go through each room – current and new – to determine what will fit and what needs to be given to loved ones, donated or sold. It’s an excellent opportunity to share special pieces with loved ones so they can enjoy meaningful family items and begin to make their memories. If needed, Riverside can provide information on certified senior movers in our area that can help move residents to independent or assisted living.

Riverside experience and expertise in senior living

When you or a loved one chooses a Riverside community as your new home, the support of an entire system of care is part of that choice. You can rest assured that our clinical expertise and senior care experience are integrated into planning all areas of daily living, ensuring each person’s needs are met. We’ll help you get settled and respect your preferences, providing a high level of understanding and support.

Your Riverside team will help you transition to any level of senior living. We have gentle hearts when it comes to helping others as we focus on your happiness in your new home. Across our communities, we provide resident sponsors to help you become familiar with your new community and host New Resident Welcome Receptions and other events to meet new friends. Many communities also have a New Resident Family Orientation so you all can meet the leadership, nurses, dietitians and office managers. We stay in touch with new residents, making sure they are comfortable and happy.

Acknowledge the emotional aspects of the move

The basis of our culture is one of wellness and caring for each person’s health and well-being. We find that those choosing Riverside have that same sense of well-being for our communities. Every senior you meet has been through the same transition, and they’ll understand how it feels to be new to each experience or setting. Emotional uncertainty is perfectly normal, and with a little extra patience and understanding, moving can be a positive experience. Riverside has experience with every kind of move for every type of care, so count on us to guide you during this significant transition.

Give the transition time and support

We’ll be here to help you thrive in your new setting and will connect you with others to welcome you, especially those that may be in a similar transition timeline. Transitions may take time, so allow yourself normal feelings of adjustment and the time to settle in with your new environment. Surround yourself with support – from family and friends, but also those that know you well such as a clergy member or supportive group you may already know. Embrace the opportunity to connect with others and enjoy all that each Riverside community has to offer.

Support from family and friends along the way makes a big difference, so welcome calls or visits and let everyone know how you’re doing. Riverside provides resources to help with your move, and we welcome the opportunity to assist in the transition of you or your loved ones.

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