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As a collaborative effort between primary care, neurology and geriatric medicine, Riverside’s memory care services provide nationally-recognized expertise that addresses individual needs and goals. We integrate proven evidence-based therapies and new techniques from research for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We understand that memory or mental conditions affect the entire family, so we provide helpful resources, caregiver support and family workshops.

Riverside Offers Specialized Memory Care Neighborhoods and Programs

Numerous locations are available within the Riverside communities for specialized memory care services that offer comfortable living and exceptional memory care for your loved ones. We offer unique and engaging programs such as our certified Music & Memory program. Learn more about our memory care services across Riverside locations and find helpful resources through evidence-based dementia programs.

Evidence-Based NSI Quality Standards of Care

Riverside Health System provides our communities with premier neurosciences expertise and as a system of care, high-level quality care is part of all aspects of neurological health. Our teams offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for any conditions affecting memory or cognition. Concerning signs may be persistent confusion, disorientation or noticeable changes in mood, behavior or emotional confrontations. These symptoms can indicate neurological issues, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Brain injury
  • Brain vascular disease
  • Dementia

Everyone has memory issues from time to time and it can be hard to know when specialized care is needed. If you or a loved one experiences significant memory lapses or disorientation with everyday tasks, then it may be time to seek help. It is beneficial to find resources in the earlier stages of neurological decline as participants acclimate better to the environment. Riverside offers a range of services and programs to improve neurological health.

Convenient Adult Day Services Center Programs

Riverside offers a range of adult day services across many convenient locations. We provide safe and structured environments with supervised care by specially trained staff that can help your loved one with activities to improve cognitive function. These activities are very structured with participation in clearly defined spaces to help enrich their time safely and enjoyably.

We provide cognitive treatments and therapies to maintain current abilities and improve memory through brain games and stimulating activities. Our team understands how a family is affected by a loved one that needs constant supervision or specialized care. Adult day services can provide a perfect solution to families that need support.

Learn More about Memory Care Services

If you are someone you love is experiencing memory issues or more serious cognitive concerns, specialized support is available. Reach out to one of our team at 757-856-7030 or email [email protected].


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