We’re Here to Help You Understand the Cost of Health Care

Nothing is more important than your health. Just as your Riverside team takes the time to explain your medical plan, we’re here to help you navigate the financial part of it, too. Health care organizations are more frequently publishing pricing for medical procedures, treatments, diagnostic imaging and other services provided, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. Riverside wants to help you make informed health care decisions, so we offer a Care Estimate tool to understand the total costs of what you need. You can access the Care Estimates tool directly in Riverside MyChart or use our Riverside Guest Estimates tool. We’ll also work closely with you to determine costs after insurance, even setting up ways to pay over time because all you need to worry about is getting well.

The most critical factor for your long-term health is to get the care you need without delay. Don’t let any financial concerns stop necessary treatments. Even if you feel healthy, preventive care such as mammograms and other screening tests – or routine wellness checks – are all part of staying healthy. The diagnosis of any disease or medical condition in the earliest stages means treatment can be more effective.

Riverside Continues an Open-Door Policy on Care Estimates

We’ve been taking care of Peninsula residents since 1915, so we’ve seen many changes along the way. As an integrated health network serving more than 2 million people annually, Riverside teams live our mission every day: To care for others as we would care for those we love — to enhance their well-being and improve their health. That means we’re here to help – to answer questions and make sure patients understand every aspect of their care, including pricing and billing statements.

Our Insurance Verification team is available to talk with patients or families about specific pricing details for CPT codes determined by your provider, insurance eligibility and benefits, deductibles and copays – and self-pay pricing for our uninsured patients. In addition, our Care Estimate tool can help anyone, current patient or new to Riverside, estimate the cost of specific procedures, treatments, or tests. 

Finding a care estimate

Start on the Riverside MyChart login page. You will save time by signing into your MyChart account.

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You can also see care estimates as a guest here.

What Riverside Care Really Means

When you choose Riverside for your medical care, you don’t just get an appointment with a doctor; you get a team – an entire health system – to support your every need. This means you don’t just see one doctor, but you have a team of doctors and specialists working together, providing best-in-class diagnosis and treatment options for you. That high level of quality care and established expertise means you get the right care at the right time for any medical need, even the most complex.

We invest in our people – bringing together an extensive team of board-certified and fellowship-trained medical specialists and certified support team members such as Nurse Navigators – to get you well. No matter how critical your condition, the Riverside team is ready. Riverside also invests in the most innovative technology, so our teams have the most advanced resources they need to provide the very best care.  


Our Team is Here to Help with Questions or Insurance Verification

We want you to have the information you need for your health care decisions, including the costs of services. If you are unable to find an estimate for a service, please call Riverside Insurance Verification at 757-989-8830 option 1 or email RHSInsVerification@rivhs.com.

Please know that the prices you may see on a health care provider’s website won’t always be the exact price you pay. At Riverside, we’ll make sure you have access to the appropriate information before, during and after any visit. Our supportive financial team will work with you to make sure you understand costs after insurance verification or based on your need for financial assistance. Please contact us with any questions.

Support for uninsured patients: Riverside partners with HealthFund Solutions to provide support for uninsured patients. Learn more here.