Paying for Healthcare Services

Riverside wants you to have the care you need to stay healthy. The current COVID-19 pandemic has taken a financial toll on many families, causing them to put off needed care because they are uninsured or unemployed. Many patients who need ongoing care worry about being able to pay for that care.

Supporting uninsured patients through funding assistance

Riverside partners with HealthFund Solutions to provide financial solutions for uninsured patients in need of medical care. HealthFund Solutions is an advocate for people who do not have health insurance. They help patients who cannot afford their premium cost and/or need more income to buy their own plan on the health care exchange.

If you have been treated at, or admitted to, a Riverside Health System facility for any medical condition, you must contact HealthFund Solutions at 800-304-4005 or visit to set up your coverage benefits.

These benefits may include Medicaid enrollment, health insurance premiums and COBRA funding relief, or ongoing health insurance sponsorship.

How HealthFund Solutions helps uninsured patients

Patients who qualify for assistance receive the support they need to be able to afford health insurance. They select their own plan that meets their doctor and pharmaceutical needs. There is no credit check or repayment plan needed to qualify.

You may qualify for funding assistance with HealthFund Solutions if you can answer “Yes” to these questions:

  • Were you recently denied Medicaid?
  • Is paying a health insurance premium a burden?
  • Do you have ongoing medical needs you feel you can’t afford?
  • Does your employer not offer insurance?
  • Did you choose not to elect through your employer because of the cost?
  • Have you recently lost your job and can’t afford Cobra insurance?

Please call HealthFund Solutions at 800-304-4005 or visit to learn more about the support they provide.