Diagnostic Imaging

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"Diagnostic imaging" is the use of "picture-taking technology" to produce a clear, detailed image of the inside of your body. Doctors use these images to help diagnose or rule out many diseases and conditions.

Riverside continues to bring some of the most sophisticated imaging technology in the world to the Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore. Whether it's used for our pioneering Gamma Knife (brain surgery without a knife) or traditional brain and open heart surgeries, or whether we use it to diagnose patients coming from the Emergency & Trauma Center or those referred by a personal physician, we have the most clear, accessible, and 3-dimensional imagery available.

The Riverside Difference - Why it Matters to You

Technology matters

The more detailed an image, the better doctors can diagnose and treat your condition. Think of it as looking at a picture under a magnifying glass and then looking again without it. The detail you see is vastly different. This same principle applies to diagnostic imaging but not all imaging technology provides the clarity or 3-dimensional rotating views often needed to make a full diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Riverside uses the latest imaging technology available. In some instances for example, our CT scanners provide doctors with the images needed for a full diagnosis. But in other circumstances where more detailed images or a 3-diminsional view is required, Riverside has the only "128 slice" CT scanner on the Peninsula. This scanner takes twice the amount, 128 "slices" of finely split views or "pictures" of the target area to create a very detailed image in which very small vessels for example can be seen.

Riverside has the only biplane imaging system on the Peninsula. Biplane technology is critically important as it has two cameras that simultaneously take pictures of the target area side to side and front to back, that are later "put back together" on a computer screen to form a rotating, 3-dimensional image. This allows doctors to view an area not able to be seen with traditional imaging technology.

Riverside providers matter

If your doctor recommends an imaging test, Riverside Board Certified Radiologists and their medical teams have extensive experience performing a full array of diagnostic tests and procedures. These are the same medical professionals who perform tests and help treat trauma, brain surgery, open heart surgery and many other types of complex patient conditions.

Riverside is the only local diagnostic or treatment facility with interventional neuroradiologists on staff. An "interventional neuroradiologist" is a radiologist who specializes in brain-related imaging, diagnosis and treatment.

Fast, private and secure test results matter

We understand that having diagnostic tests can be unnerving. We work hard to conduct your tests and have them read by a radiologist as quickly as possible with results immediately available to your physician.

To speed up the process of providing test results, Riverside places digital test result images on a secure online network accessible by your physician team. This allows your doctors to view the results, manipulate the images for a closer look, and to quickly share and discuss results online or on the telephone without having to physically meet! By communicating in this way, test results are more quickly available to doctors and patients.

Convenience matters

Riverside Diagnostic and Imaging Centers are conveniently located throughout the community so you don't have to travel far from home or work for tests. We'll get you scheduled and in and out as quickly as possible. If your doctor has not already scheduled your test(s), please call one of our convenient diagnostic facilities and we'll be happy to schedule it for you.

Mobile technology

Riverside also provides mobile MRI, lithotripsy and PET technologies to our facilities in Williamsburg and Gloucester.

Diagnostic Imaging

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