Diagnostic Imaging

Riverside diagnostic and imaging staff work closely with your physician to provide fast, reliable, images and diagnosis. We carefully listen to any concerns you may have and work hard to make the testing process comfortable and calming.

Here are some of the medical professionals who may care for you during the test process: help you at the test


A radiologist is a physician who administers, reads and interprets digital images produced by medical imaging equipment. Riverside radiologists work closely with your physician to administer tests and to help diagnose certain conditions. Following treatment, they may also consult with your doctors about disease progression or treatment results.

Riverside radiologists have extensive training and education that include:

  • Four years of medical school
  • Four years of residency training

Some of our radiologists have chosen to specialize in fields such interventional radiology, mammography, body imaging or brain imaging. They have completed additional training in these areas. Riverside has the only local interventional neuroradiologist on the Virginia Peninsula.

All Riverside radiologists are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology. Each has comprehensive training and extensive experience in the full spectrum of imaging procedures.

Radiologic technologists

A radiologic technologist will help doctors perform the imaging examination. Your technologist, a medical professional, will prepare you for the test, explain the procedure, position you for the test and may assist doctors with the imaging equipment.

Riverside technologists have formal training, are certified and continue training during their careers. Technologists work under the supervision of Riverside radiologists.