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The Martha W. Goodson Center

The Martha W. Goodson Center provides innovative and personalized services to transform care delivery for those affected by memory disorders or brain changes.
The Martha W. Goodson Center


A collaborative network of care & support for healthy aging

The Martha W. Goodson Center is an innovative and exciting concept in healthy aging connecting individuals facing the challenges of aging or caregiving with expert care and support. As part of the Riverside network of care, we believe in an evidence-based approach that provides research and education at every level. From initial symptoms to diagnosis and creation of personalized treatment plans, we are here throughout the journey. At the heart of the Center are caregiver support and resources to assist in understanding cognitive disorder disease progression and other challenges of aging. We make connections with community-based support networks and assist in navigating the path to improved well-being for patients, caregivers and loved ones.

Care is completely coordinated - throughout Riverside Health System, providing any service when needed for patients, caregivers and loved ones affected by memory disorders and other neurological disorders. We’ll show you how to maintain dignity and put what matters to you ahead of the disease by modifying behaviors through coaching, education and support.

We start by connecting you to a patient care navigator - because having a dedicated resource to guide you through often unexpected symptoms or worrisome changes in behavior or function – before a diagnosis may even occur - brings a sense of confidence to what seems an overwhelmingly difficult path. Anyone coming to our Center will find this level of support at every phase of your journey – for listening, coaching and providing connections to the next steps of care and awareness of what to expect. Because our patient care navigators build a relationship with those in our care and those affected by this journey, a clearer and more positive care path is established based on unique and individual needs.

The Martha W. Goodson Center is located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and connects patients and loved ones to our health care network of Riverside physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, clinical professionals and real loved ones going through their own experiences. Our care network expands over 8,000 square miles of Southeastern Virginia.

Find Support at the Martha W. Goodson Center

If you or your family is struggling with navigating a diagnosis affecting memory or diminished cognitive function, help is available through the Martha W. Goodson Center. We help our patients, caregivers and loved ones navigate the clinical care and all of life’s changes affected by these debilitating diseases.  

Leading the Next Generation for Memory Care Excellence

Mr. and Mrs. Goodson navigated the alarming path of learning there is no cure or treatment options for this debilitating disease. But, with a dedication to each other and an abiding faith, they overcame the care challenges by seeking help and guidance from the memory care team at Riverside. They learned how to manage the ups and downs of the illness - and caregiving.

In gratitude of the tremendous support received from their care team, the Goodson family generously donated the funds to establish the Martha W. Goodson Memory Care Center at Riverside – to help and support others in the same circumstances, providing hope and encouragement every step of the way.

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