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We recognize that care partners and loved ones need support and that’s why this level of support is a critical pillar of our services at the Martha W. Goodson Care Center. Our Center was established through Mr. and Mrs. Goodson’s generous donation to provide support to families experiencing these difficult and unexpected diagnoses. Support includes critical disease-specific information so caregivers and loved ones better understand the typical disease progression, but also community-based support networks to share information and talk with those going through the same challenges. We help guide the path to finding improved well-being for both patients and loved ones.

Social engagement, self-care and wellness programs offer a support lifeline for short-term and long-term needs that improve daily living and bring joy back to the lives affected by illness. Our Memory Café provides a welcoming environment to share and connect, leaving the disease outside the setting. It’s simply an opportunity to look forward to connecting with those in similar circumstances – for both the person impacted by the illness and their care partner. That ability to bond and provide a neutral and consistent social interaction in a safe space gives everyone involved a sense of community. Other support groups are available, both in person and virtually.

Learn more about caregiver resources for those supporting a loved one with disease, other dementias or other memory care issues.

Learn more about our learning center, workshops, and online learning activities that are specific to phases of memory-related conditions and each unique diagnosis when determined.

Martha W. Goodson Center: Caregiver & Loved One Support

Memory Care & Support: Karen & Jim Garner’s Story

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