Workshops and Online Learning

Riverside has developed a Memory Care Learning Series to support family caregivers with tips, techniques and best practices. Our goal is to help nurture you in providing the best care and support to loved ones with Alzheimer's and other memory impairments. Our learning is also centered on caregiver self-care. Our goal is to instill competence and confidence.

We offer a number of hands-on workshops for everyone. You can sign up for programs as it's convenient for you. Workshops are scheduled at various times of the year, but the online learning is available anytime.

Online Learning

Caring for You: Mind, Body and Soul

This video series follows a support group as they navigate the challenges and gifts of caregiving. It includes 10 lessons, each 10 minutes or less.Through real-life scenarios, caregivers will learn how to care for themselves while supporting a person with dementia. Watch the virtual playlist.

Hands-on Workshops:

Normal vs. Not Normal Aging 

In this workshop caregivers will learn to recognize "normal" versus "not normal" aging, to identify the five ways people take in data, and discuss the impact of changes in processing as dementia progresses. Learn more about the Normal vs. Not Normal Aging workshop.

Dealing with Dementia

Our Dealing with Dementia workshop provides caregivers with tips and strategies for caring for their loved ones and themselves, based on an evidence-informed approach. Participants will learn how to navigate the "Dealing with Dementia Guide," an extensive 360-page manual designed for caregivers. Learn more about the Dealing with Dementia workshop.

Caring for You, Caring for Me Overview

This workshop addresses the needs of family caregivers engaged in caring for adults living with dementia. Participants will gather in a relaxed environment to gain new knowledge and understanding. Learn more about the Caring for You, Caring for Me workshop.