Wellness and Fitness

Shake up your routine with group fitness classes

Dance up a sweat with Zumba, build strength with total-body conditioning, make a splash with water aerobics, find your zen with yoga, and so much more.

With over 100 group classes offered each week at both fitness center locations, you’re sure to find something you love. Best of all, group exercise classes are included in your membership!


Ai Chi is a water exercise and relaxation class that combines slow movements with deep breathing.

Gain strength, endurance, and balance in this joint friendly class taught by Arthritis Foundation-certified instructors. Active stretches for each muscle group improve your joint mobility and flexibility, while the water supports you. Our pool is accessible by stairs or chair lift, and the water is kept at a comfortable 83 to 86 degrees year-round.

Aqua Fitness is a non-impact group-exercise class taught in the shallow water, and includes sculpting moves and abdominal work. Suitable for all fitness levels.

A strength training class designed for the water! Build strength with exercises that utilize resistance tubing, water weights, and noodles. A great non-aerobic workout.

Aqua Zumba® features easy-to-follow dance routines in the pool set to a fun fusion of Latin and international music.

Barre classes consist of postures inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while performing exercises that focus on the entire body. The combination of barre work and light weights provides a great total-body workout! Child friendly.

BodyFlow is inspired by yoga, tai chi, and Pilates classes. This class will help improve flexibility and range of motion, increase core strength, and reduce stress through controlled breathing.

A 55-minute workout set to the latest music and greatest dance moves. It's cardio fun for those with a passion for movement! Child friendly.

Regain or maintain strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and full joint mobility through slow movement. Participants may remain seated if necessary during class.

An intermediate- to advanced-level circuit-training class that uses sandbags, tires, battling ropes, and kettlebells for a great full-body workout.

This strength training class is designed for the participant who needs assistance with standing during exercise.

Build total-body strength and endurance through weight-training exercises, dumbbells, Bosu, medicine balls, and iron grip bars. Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels.

A fun and challenging class that uses motivation, visualization, and the most thoroughly tested cycling and instructional techniques available. Sign up is required. Please register at the front desk!

Strap on an aqua jogger belt for this 55-minute, deep-water aerobic conditioning class. Suitable for intermediate level and above.

A complete low-impact aerobics class with warm-up exercises, aerobic walking, strengthening and postural exercises, and relaxation through stretching. Pre- and post-exercise blood pressure monitoring is included. Suitable for beginners.

A strength-training program specifically designed for the group exercise participant. This class uses power cut bars, resistance tubing, medicine balls, resist-a-balls, and hand weights, and is excellent for cross-training. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Combines the practice and benefits of yoga into a class suitable for all fitness levels.

A total-body strength-training class using iron grip bars and dumbbells.

Suitable for all levels of fitness, Iyengar yoga class will help you gain flexibility and strength while relaxing your mind, body, and spirit.

This class incorporates the cast-iron kettlebell into dynamic movements for a workout that targets endurance, strength, cardio endurance, balance, and stability.

This is an intermediate- to advanced-level class that challenges strength and endurance through intervals of kettlebell, TRX, sports drills, and strength training.

A basic low-impact aerobics class suitable for beginners.

An intermediate low-impact class featuring intervals of strength training. This class is a great addition to your cross-training workout.

Get an introduction to group exercise with basic low-impact choreography. Perfect for beginners!

Build on the skills you learned in Low 1! Low 2 is an intermediate-level class that includes 30 to 35 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning followed by abdominal work.

Step up your fitness and build focus, balance, and strength with this intermediate- to advanced-level class that incorporates four step benches.

Engage your mind, condition your body, and strengthen your core with this unique system of controlled exercises that blend strength and flexibility to create long, lean muscles.

This class offers a sequence of standing poses designed to elevate the heart rate and expose your true power. This is an advanced class and requires two years of yoga experience.

A beginner-level class with a focus on strength and stability. This class is great for those who are new to strength training. Class includes use of power cut bars, weights, resistance tubing, discs, and thera-balls.

A fast-pace circuit workout that uses a rowing machine as the main cardio component and compound strength stations to provide an efficient total-body workout.

This dynamic class is set to motivating music and utilizes a step platform along with a wide variety of step movements and upper body strength training exercises.

An intermediate-level class that incorporates intervals of step movements and strength training.

Build on the skills you learned in Step 1 with this intermediate-level class featuring creative, challenging movement combinations.

Push your body to the limit with eight rounds of high-intensity exercise in a 20-seconds-on and 10-seconds-off interval followed by 15 minutes of abdominal work.

Tap dancing fun for all fitness levels.

This class is designed to help restore range of motion and introduce gentle stretches for individuals experiencing back, leg, and neck pain. Class begins with 15 minutes of group discussion and sharing followed by yoga movement.

An intermediate- to advanced-level interval class that includes sports drills, running, ropes, and strength training to improve the main components of fitness in a single exercise session. Portions of this class may be taught outside, weather permitting.

TRX, or suspension training, is the ideal activity to build strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, and core stability. This is an intermediate- to advanced-level class. All TRX classes are 45 minutes. Sign up is required. Please register at the front desk!

Get your heart pumping and improve strength with 25 minutes of high-intensity, total-body interval training on the TRX system. This is an advanced-level class and requires experience with the TRX trainer.

Walk your way to fitness with a complete class that includes warm-up, active stretching, walking, and low-impact aerobics.

If you're a beginner looking for more of a challenge, or are an experienced participant, this class is for you. Learn sequences that introduce level 1, 2, and 3 postures.

A dynamic low-impact workout featuring a fusion of Latin and international music and fun, easy-to-follow dance routines. Child friendly.