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Getting Started with Hospice Care

Whether you need help with daily activities, home health care, palliative care or hospice, your health care decisions are deeply personal to you and your family. You’ll want to consider all your needs and options to maintain independence in familiar surroundings. Riverside At Home can help you get started with 24/7, on-call hospice support focusing on comfort and celebrating life.

When to Consider Hospice Care

Navigating challenging diagnoses, advanced illnesses and declining health can overwhelm patients and families. Emotions and a lifetime of memories fill your mind, and suddenly celebrating life may take precedence over the specific details of your care plan. That’s when Riverside At Home’s individualized hospice services and comprehensive support teams can best serve you and those you love.

If you are wondering whether hospice care will be the right step for you or a family member, consult with your care providers and ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Are you facing a life-limiting illness, and what is the current prognosis?
  • Is it becoming more difficult to manage pain and symptoms?
  • Does curative treatment no longer seem effective?
  • Does it feel appropriate to shift the focus of care toward quality of life?
  • Would ongoing comfort and care at home or in a familiar environment be preferred?
  • Would additional emotional, spiritual or bereavement support benefit you or your loved ones?
  • What specific wishes do you and your loved ones have about your care and how to celebrate life?
  • Are advance care directives in place, or is it time to establish them?

Paying for Hospice Care — You Already Have

One of the most significant benefits of hospice care is the Medicare Benefits you've paid into your whole life fully cover it, which means you can receive comprehensive support without worrying about the cost. Medicare covers all hospice services, including doctor's visits, medication and equipment. You can alleviate the financial burdens to focus on living—and spending quality time with your loved ones—while receiving the best care possible.


Take the Next Steps

Hospice care allows you to have more control over the progression of your condition, helping you feel comfortable, supported and empowered to live life to the fullest. Discuss your questions, concerns and goals with your physician or care team to determine the right time for hospice care. They can refer you to our Riverside At Home services to get the process started. We'll take the time to get to know you and your loved ones and provide personalized care that always prioritizes your comfort, dignity and quality of life.

We understand the weight of this decision. We’ll treat you like part of our family, meeting your unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs with expertise and compassion. When you feel ready to learn more about hospice care, our wonderful providers will be your guides through the process. Contact us today at 757-594-5600 to learn more about our hospice services.

Helping Families Cope with Grief and Loss

Riverside Hospice provides ongoing grief support as individuals and families work through losing a loved one. Learn more about our hospice bereavement support services and hospice support groups. We encourage participants to share experiences as they wish. Some of the most effective healing comes when people relate to others in a similar situation.

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