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Our sports medicine specialists are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels recover from injuries, improve performance and reach their full potential. Don't let injuries hold you back.

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Sports medicine specialists

At Riverside, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries caused by physical activity - particularly sports and exercise. Whether you play sports on a structured team (football, baseball or soccer), or enjoy sports recreationally (cycling, running or weightlifting), you may be at risk of injury that could limit functioning and/or future performance. Sports Medicine care is available in your community.


Sports medicine hotline

Our sports medicine hotline gives you direct access to our sports medicine team. Get answers to clinical questions, advice or make an appointment with an orthopedic sports medicine expert: 757-534-6767

You may also call one of our conveniently located offices to make an appointment:
• Peninsula/Williamsburg: 757-534-9988
• Gloucester: 804-693-0529
• Eastern Shore: 757-302-2700

Sports Medicine Specialist Patient Testimonials


Our team of experienced orthopedic specialists is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for sports-related injuries and conditions. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, we are committed to helping you get back in the game. Discover the transformative experiences of patients at Riverside Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists through their heartfelt testimonials.

Optimal Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention

Sports Medicine Specialist

Our team of professionals understands how important sports and fitness are to you and we are dedicated to helping you stay competitive. Riverside Sports Medicine offers a sub-specialty, team approach to treat injuries that include the most comprehensive services to minimize downtime and expedite return to normal activity.
A senior black couple leaving the tennis court after their workout

Our Team 

If you’ve suffered an injury while playing sports, at work or at home, you’ve come to the right place. At Riverside Sports Medicine, our experts work as a team to get you back on the field or back in the game of life.

Our Locations 

Discover our five convenient orthopedic sports medicine locations near you. Find the nearest location and schedule your appointment today for personalized treatment that fits your busy lifestyle.

Common Sports Injuries 

Learn about common sports injuries and how to prevent them. Our guide provides valuable insights on the most prevalent sports-related injuries, their causes, symptoms, and effective treatment options. Stay informed and take proactive steps to protect yourself from sports injuries.

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment

Our specialists offer expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for athletes of all levels. Trust our team to help you recover from injuries and optimize your performance.

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Community and Athletic Partnerships

Riverside Sports Medicine partners with semi-professional athletes, college sports teams and high school teams to provide conditioning and nutrition for athletes, proper training techniques to prevent injury and on-field game coverage by our sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers.

Community and Athletic Partnerships

Sports Related Concussions

- John (J.R.) Barley, M.D., Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Stress Injuries

- John (J.R.) Barley, M.D., Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

- Stephanie Giammittorio, M.D. Sports Medicine Physician with Riverside Orthopedic & Sports

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