Orthopedic Expertise at Riverside for Total Knee Replacement Surgery

If you or your loved one is experiencing knee pain that keeps you from doing the things you love, it’s time to talk to our joint replacement surgery experts at Riverside. Our orthopedic surgeons understand when you can’t move as freely as you used to or when your knee pain requires you to sit instead of participating in life, it’s time to have the conversation about fixing those issues with total knee replacement surgery. We provide a range of solutions with very high success rates that will improve your mobility and alleviate your pain.

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An Entire Health System Supports Your Care for Optimal Results

At Riverside Health System, your orthopedic surgery team is the foundation of your knee replacement care, but the Riverside Health System is the structure that supports you – every step of the way. Our comprehensive medical teams work together - from your initial imaging to identify the arthritis that is causing your pain through surgery and on to full recovery with optimal range of motion.

Before surgery, we work with any other clinical specialists that are involved in your medical care, including cardiologists, pulmonologists or nephrologists – to ensure you are cleared for surgery, which will optimize your recovery.

Communications and understanding what to expect is critical to your success. That’s why Riverside was one of the first healthcare organizations to add nurse navigators to our clinical teams. Our certified orthopedic nurse navigator will guide you through your knee replacement surgery, answer your questions and ensure all team members are connected on your care plan.

All other members of our team – from your fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons to the board-certified anesthesiologists to the certified nurse practitioners and specialized orthopedic physical therapists are working together to stay connected for your care – and that includes input from our patients. For example, we stay ahead of any post-surgical pain by using peri-operative blocks and numbing the nerves around the knee. Our specialized physical therapists mobilize patients quickly after surgery with therapy the same day of surgery. This provides a positive and practical approach to faster healing. Also, your orthopedic surgeon signs off on every physical therapy (PT) rehabilitation session, so if adjustments need to be made in your PT plan, it’s immediate. Our team provides expert care and helps you understand what to expect through our extensive Joint University educational program, our Frequently Asked Questions about joint replacement surgery and our orthopedic-specific blogs.

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

Don’t hesitate to talk to an orthopedic specialist if you are experiencing knee pain that limits your mobility. We help you understand all aspects of knee replacement surgery, so you are confident in this next step to a healthier and more active life. New and improved minimally invasive surgical techniques have greatly improved knee replacement surgery outcomes, including:

  • Faster recovery
  • Minimized pain
  • Quicker mobilization
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less damage to muscle tissue

Several conditions can cause significant knee pain, especially over time as knee joints become worn or damaged, including:

  • Arthritis: The leading cause of disability in the U.S., arthritis is painful and can cause permanent damage to joints. Arthritis can also result from post-traumatic joint injury.
  • Avascular Necrosis: Also called osteonecrosis, this condition affects bone tissue when a lack of blood supply occurs. Trauma to bones with a break or dislocated joint can cause blood loss damage and pain.
  • Hemophilia: A condition in which blood clotting is severely reduced, bleeding into joints can occur, leading to joint damage and pain.
  • Osteoarthritis: This painful type of arthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions and supports the joint is damaged or deteriorates over time.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: A chronic inflammatory disorder, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the lining of joints, causing painful swelling.

Begin Your Journey to Improved Health

Relieving your knee pain begins with a call to our orthopedic team. Please make an appointment at one of our convenient locations to talk through treatment options to address your specific needs and objectives. No matter your age or complexity of orthopedic issues, our team can help.

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