Total Joint Replacement

Riverside’s total joint replacement program is designed to provide you with the highest level of care and peace of mind, all with a focus on returning you to the life you love.

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Riverside Total Joint Replacement Program

Our expert fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons offer patients a full range of surgical solutions for all joint replacement and musculoskeletal needs, including: hip, knee and shoulder.

To make an appointment with one of our specialists, please call one of our conveniently located office:
• Peninsula/Williamsburg: 757-534-9988
• Gloucester: 804-693-0529
• Eastern Shore: 757-302-2700

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

When you choose Riverside for your orthopedic care, you have the support of an entire team of fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, board-certified anesthesiologists, certified nurse practitioners and specialized orthopedic physical therapists to help you improve your health.

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

If you or your loved one is experiencing knee pain that keeps you from doing the things you love, it’s time to talk to our joint replacement surgery experts at Riverside. We provide a range of solutions that will improve your mobility and alleviate your pain.

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Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Learn about total shoulder replacement surgery, a procedure that can provide relief for individuals suffering from severe shoulder pain and limited mobility. Discover the benefits, risks and recovery process involved in this surgical treatment option.

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Riverside Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists team

Meet our Orthopedic Providers

Providing efficient and effective care for any specialized orthopedic need

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Total Joint Replacement FAQs

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Meet Dr. Valaik, Orthopedic Specialist

Total Hip Replacement with Dr. Valaik

Total Knee Replacement with Dr. Valaik

Meet Dr. McLendon, Orthopedic Specialist

Total Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. McLendon

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