Our Riverside Sports Medicine Team

If you’ve suffered an injury while playing sports, at work or at home, you’ve come to the right place. At Riverside Sports Medicine, our experts work as a team to get you back on the field or back in the game of life.

Caring for your injury with a team approach

From the minute you enter our care, we work together to relieve your initial pain, diagnose your condition, create a personalized treatment plan and help you recover as quickly and completely as possible.

Our orthopedic specialists and sports medicine providers offer comprehensive sports medicine services — including advanced ways to diagnose and treat your injury and to help you heal and grow stronger. We communicate with you and each other at every point during your rehabilitation.

We care what happens to you

Our Riverside Sports Medicine team includes:

Fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine physicians

Our physicians focused their training on caring for athletes and anyone who is physically active. Primary care sports medicine physicians treat injuries and work to reduce your pain. With advanced training in how the body functions, they counsel patients about ways to maximize performance; reduce injuries with proper technique; rehabilitate after injuries; and improve overall health with good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

Board-certified orthopedic surgeons

Our orthopedic surgeons have trained extensively (most are fellowship-trained) to treat your musculoskeletal system — your muscles, bones and ligaments. Some surgeons specialize in certain areas, such as the shoulder, spine, hand, knee or foot. All our surgeons make diagnoses and suggest the best treatment options for your particular injury, which might include rest, medication, a brace or cast, injections, physical therapy, or sometimes surgery.

Athletic trainers

Our athletic trainers specialize in the overall care of athletes. At athletic events, they are often the first medical professionals to respond when a player is injured. They offer initial emergency care and assist doctors in providing follow-up care. After an athlete is hurt, they often help the doctor communicate with families and coaches regarding the best time to return to practices and games. Athletic trainers also work with teams to provide athletes with the knowledge and techniques to prevent injuries.

Orthopedic-trained physician assistants

Our physician assistants work with orthopedic surgeons to provide expert medical care for injured patients. They perform exams, order diagnostic imaging, interpret test results, create treatment plans, and prescribe medication or physical therapy. Some physician assistants have specific training to work with orthopedic surgeons during procedures.

Physical therapists with a sport specialist certification

Our physical therapists specialize in evaluating athletes and other active patients with injuries who hope to return to their sport. They provide therapy to help ease pain, restore movement and function, strengthen muscles, enhance performance, and prevent future injuries. Physical therapists use a range of treatment techniques, including special exercises, hot and cold pack treatments, massage, and electrical stimulation to get you back to the activities you love.

At Riverside Sports Medicine, our game plan is to help you become healthier and stronger than ever. Contact Us to find a provider near you and make an appointment.