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Household Model

Smithfield's Willow Creek

Everything in the Willow Creek household is designed around the central idea of normalcy. Life in the house reflects the rhythms of the people living in it. There are no schedules—no set times to wake up, go to bed, eat, bathe, line up for medications. The kitchen is open and available to everyone. There's a large, open living room and dining area. There are porches and a garden. Bedrooms and baths are private. This house is a home for its residents in every sense of the word.Resident and staff playing with bean bags

Self-led, dedicated teams. Team members support the residents and their loved ones to make decisions regarding their care. The premise is that relationship building is the key to establishing a meaningful life. The households and team sizes are intentionally kept small to enhance the ability to establish such relationships, while maintaining privacy.

Individual routines are respected. The traditional long–term care approach focuses on staff efficiency and task completion based around schedules—bathing, dining and medication times. At Willow Creek, residents arise when they choose, eat when they choose and have the autonomy to be the driver of their daily lives.

Team members share responsibilities. Each member of the team is cross-trained to handle a variety of resident needs just as a member of a family can help others when and where it's needed.

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