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Our residents and their families say it best.

Gloria Womble for mother Martha, a resident of Magnolia Manor Assisted Living and Willow Creek Long-term Care

Gloria Womble’s parents originally moved into independent living at Warwick Forest in 2012. Then, in 2016 and after 60 years of marriage, Gloria’s father passed away.

Six months later Gloria’s mother, Martha, started having some issues with falling and wandering associated with dementia, and the family soon realized it was time for another move.

Because the memory care residence at Warwick Forest did not have any rooms available, they contacted Magnolia Manor Assisted Living at Riverside Healthy Living Community Smithfield.

Team members from Smithfield met with Martha and Gloria to assess if Smithfield would be a good fit – and it was.

During her time at Smithfield, Martha and Gloria have been able to form relationships with the Riverside team that they attribute to the small size of the campus and the consistency in the staff.

“People come here to work and they stay,” said Gloria.

Smithfield is a small town and that small town culture carries over to the Riverside Healthy Living Community.

Martha had to leave the memory care unit on several occasions to spend some time in the on-campus rehabilitation area. Despite her dementia and the change in environment, confusion was not an issue as the memory care team visited her in rehab to try and keep her routines as consistent as possible and to make sure she was seeing recognizable faces.

In January of 2018, Martha suffered a hip fracture due to her osteoporosis that, after surgery and rehab, would require a permanent move to the Willow Creek Long-term Care residence.

Again, the team at Smithfield was there.

The maintenance team helped Gloria move her mother’s room one weekend and recreate it in the new accommodations.

“There are people here I can reach out to when I have questions or need assistance,” said Gloria. “The size of the facility allows you to form relationships at all levels of the team. It made a big difference in my life when I knew she was here and safe.”

Joan Cook, for mother Elaine Burket, a Magnolia Manor Assisted Living Resident

One day, Joan Cook’s mother, Elaine Burket, let her know it was time to start looking for a new place to live. Elaine had been in her home for 37 years and had lived in Smithfield since 1948.

Joan and her husband, who also live in Smithfield, took one day and stopped by Magnolia Manor Assisted Living at Riverside Healthy Living Community Smithfield to give it a look.

“By the time we left I said, ‘I’d live there,’” Joan said.

As Joan describes it, the tone for the whole residence is set as soon as you walk in the door.

“When you walk in you run into Emma, Sabrina, or Betty,” Joan said. “They are the first faces you see and they always seem to be having a good day. I’ve never met anyone who works here who doesn’t seem happy or doesn’t have Mom’s best interest at heart.”

Being able to visit her mom regularly was important to Joan as she helped her make the transition to an Assisted Living residence.

“I’m really thankful Smithfield has this,” Joan said.“ She could have ended up somewhere that was not convenient, but I can come by here every day and visit with her.”

Elaine Burket, a Magnolia Manor Assisted Living Resident

“If I had it to do again, I would do the same thing.”

That’s what Elaine Burket will tell you about her decision to move to Riverside Healthy Living Community Smithfield.

After 37 years in her home, Elaine moved to Smithfield’s Magnolia Manor Assisted Living in October 2017. She knew it was time to make a move and had asked her daughter, Joan Cook, to help her find a place. Being Smithfield residents already, they first toured Magnolia Manor and were impressed.

“I like it here,” said Elaine. “It was a good choice. It was a big change. I made up my mind that I was going to love it or hate it and I love it.”

While moving out of her long-time home was not her first choice, Elaine knew it was a necessary one for her to remain as safe, healthy and independent as possible as she aged.

When asked what advice she would give to people who are contemplating a similar decision, Elaine said just try it. Take a tour. Ask about moving in for a short stay to see how you like it.

“People tell me they feel sorry for me,” Elaine said. “What’s to feel sorry about? I think I have it made.”

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