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When considering moving to the community (assisted living, nursing home, long-term care), it is important to equip yourself with as much information as possible and learn and ask the right questions. Read on below for some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive about Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield.

What are the different levels of care that you provide?
Here in Smithfield, we are prepared to welcome you or your loved one for a short or long-term stay. Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield offers respite care service, short-term accommodations for senior adults when caregivers need to travel, take a vacation or simply catch their breath; assisted living apartments designed for independent individuals and couples in relatively good health; long-term memory care support in an assisted living style designed for residents experiencing mild to moderate levels of memory impairment due to dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease; long-term care, most commonly referred to as nursing home care, designed for residents who want to feel right at home and require licensed nursing care; and short-term rehabilitation for guests recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

How far away is Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield located from other major cities?
Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield is conveniently located a short drive from Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Suffolk, and is easily accessible from international airports located in Newport News and Norfolk.

What happens if I (or a loved one) moves in to an assisted living apartment and then needs additional nursing care?
If a resident’s needs and capabilities ever change, they can move seamlessly from one level of care to another and stay on the same familiar campus and among the friends they’ve made here.

I've been in my house for so many years that I'm not sure how to manage a move. Is there someone who can help with all the details?
Certainly. Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield is connected to a network of resources to help ensure a smooth move to your new home. Our realtors and downsizing experts can be hired to assist you throughout the process, from the sale of your home to choosing where to best place furniture and other treasured items in your new home here at Smithfield.

Are all the rooms in Assisted Living private rooms or is double occupancy available?
All the rooms in Assisted Living are private. Double occupancy rooms are available in our suites, which are ideal for couples.

What are the general steps / requirements to move in?
We recommend that you come by for a tour first. During a tour, you and your family can expect to see the community, visit resident rooms, and get introduced to other residents already living here at Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield. Visitors considering moving in here will get an opportunity to chat privately, too, with residents, to ask the questions on their mind and get a feel for if the community is a good fit. After that process, the interested new resident is asked to visit their doctor to start the necessary paperwork required to move in.

What should someone look for when selecting a place to live?
It is very important to look at the current resident population in any retirement community to see if it is a good fit. Also, we encourage all potential new residents to ask if the Assisted Living has a nurse on site, what violations, if any, were received during the last state-led inspection and to see copies of the activity calendar and menu.

You can learn more about state regulations and standards for assisted living facilities by visiting Virginia Department of Social Services.

How many Assisted Living floor plan options are available? What is the smallest square foot and what is the largest?
There are five floor plan options in our Assisted Living apartments. The smallest is 316-square-feet and the largest is 600-square-feet.

What is included in the monthly service fee?
The monthly service fee covers most of the services available here, including medication administration, cable hook up, laundry and linen services, three meals a day plus snacks and housekeeping services.

Are additional services available on campus if residents' needs change? Does Assisted Living allow private duty if a resident’s needs increase?
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are also available on our campus. A social worker is available in the Assisted Living residents as well as a dedicated nurse manager. If necessary, we offer tele-health appointments with a geriatric psychiatrist.

Where should a resident/family start with managing a move?
Some residents take us for a test drive, so to speak, and move in for just one month. They bring a suitcase only, or some bring furniture. Other new residents move in all at once. It’s all about personal preference. Talk over these options with our Director of Resident Services. The goal is to make a move and transition to our community as easy as possible on the family and resident.

What is the difference between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living?
When an individual is capable of participating in their activities of daily living and is motivated to be in a more homelike setting, Assisted Living is ideal for them. For residents who need additional nursing services and support with those same activities of daily living – showering, eating – a Nursing Home provides the level of care needed to help them live their most active lives possible, safely.

Will Medicare pay for any portion of Assisted Living, Memory Support, or Long Term Nursing Care?
Medicare pays only for rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.

What's the first step to moving into Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Smithfield?
We invite you to visit us here in Smithfield – even stay for a few nights – to experience the hospitality and community for yourself. Contact us to set up a tour or a consultation.

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