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Smithfield's Willow Creek 

Growing older doesn't have to mean giving up things you value most about living.

Providing licensed nursing care within the innovative household model, Willow Creek redefines long-term care in a way that revolves completely around the preferences and choices of our residents.

Instead of a hospital or institution, it is first and foremost a home. The deĢcor, layout and functioning of Willow Creek are designed especially for comfort, dignity and independence. Residents receive quality clinical care in a highly residential setting.

What you will find in Willow Creek are features you’d expect in any home — private bedrooms and bathrooms, open dining and living areas and a family-style, resident-friendly kitchen bustling as the heart of the home.

At Willow Creek, the residents are in charge of their home. They make the decisions about how the home will operate and best serve their needs.

Two very basic beliefs inspired the development of the household model that completely transform the way we provide long-term care (also known as nursing home care) for our older adults:

  • Growing older and needing extra care should not mean having to give up the things you value most in your life.
  • All of us thrive best in an environment that is familiar, that is normal, that is the way we've lived our lives always.

Residents at Willow Creek enjoy:

  • Licensed nursing care from a permanent staff cross-trained in multiple areas, such as housekeeping, nutrition and mobility.
  • Daily activities and special events.
  • An emphasis on independence and personal choice.
  • A thoughtfully designed household that feels and functions like a true home.
  • Private bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • A resident-family country kitchen in the heart of the household.

Riverside is a pioneer in Virginia offering this wonderfully positive household model of care, right here in Smithfield.

One visit will transform everything you've ever known or thought about nursing home care. We’d love to show you around ourselves! To learn more or to schedule a tour to see our community for yourself and your loved ones, call 757-357-3282 or contact us here.

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