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A Healthy Living Community celebrates the dignity, respect and trust of all residents. It means receiving care from a team who asks “what matters to you” instead of “what’s the matter with you.” It’s a home that focuses on the quality of care as much as the quality of life. And it’s a team who put the resident at the center of decisions made to give them the life they want.

Here, across Sanders, inside our private skilled nursing rooms and quaint independent living cottages, we have completely transformed what older adult and nursing home care looks like, in every way possible.

Person-Centered Care

Our approach to long-term care focuses on the preferences and needs of residents. Gone are the days of rigid, one-size-fits-all planning and scheduling designed almost exclusively around the needs and efficiency of the staff.

From independent living to skilled nursing care, residents choose when to go to sleep, wake, bathe, eat and participate in activities. In addition to providing hands-on care, the staff is cross-trained in housekeeping and food preparation, areas where they are also committed to supporting resident preferences. The opportunity for residents and staff to interact on more levels, and for staff to spend more time with each individual, provides benefits and increased satisfaction for both groups.

A New Approach and a New Look

Changing the way we provide care is about much more than new schedules and routines. The physical environment has been designed to accommodate resident needs first and enhance our commitment to privacy, dignity and choice. These were the pillars when we designed Heron Cove at Sanders and are our guiding lights in all we do. It’s why our residents across the community enjoy:

  • common areas that are family and living rooms, not a nurse’s station
  • meals prepared on-site and served family-style in a welcoming dining room or on the sunny patio
  • private bedrooms and baths
  • common areas designed for smaller groups of people
  • an emphasis of the restorative power of the outdoors and ease of access to the outdoor pathways and patios for all residents.

As a result, this familiar sense of home contributes to residents feeling like parts of a community, part of a home.

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