Lifelong Health

The Coleman testimonial 

It’s not an exaggeration to say Joe and Sylvia Coleman have been everywhere in the USA.

“We’ve stayed in every state except Iowa and Hawaii,” says Joe, the primary driver for all their adventures.

His favorite area was the serenity of northern California; Sylvia prefers New England, noting, “I have always been a Yankee and a Red Sox Fan!”

They’ve found happiness in Patriots Colony At Williamsburg, enjoying the independent living villa they initially shared in the Riverside Health System retirement community and now the assisted living unit they recently moved into that helps them manage their lingering health issues.

“It’s a great place to live,” Sylvia says.

They had choices of retirement quarters in Williamsburg, including one option closer to the College of William and Mary. At their visit to Patriots Colony in 2003, they felt a warm vibe and were instantly welcomed by all of the residents they met.

“The nice thing about Patriots Colony is they’re very informal,” Joe says. “People here are interested in who are you and learning where you’ve been. It’s friendly.”

Joe connected easily with retired Air Force and Navy members living at Patriots Colony, and before his back started bothering him, played golf, tennis, and billiards often.

The Colemans particularly like the ease of being able to get to their doctors’ appointments in essentially two or three minutes. 

“Patriots Colony is essentially managed within the Riverside Health System,” Joe says. “That’s important, to have that kind of health care system in the background.” 

Sylvia and Joe have been married for 66 years and friends for 70, never tiring of their own company.

“We’ve had a good time during our retirement at Patriot’s Colony, the best since our retirement,” Sylvia says. “We’re happy here.”