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Marlies Brantley's testimonial

When Marlies Brantley searched for a new home, her primary concern was safety.

“I needed to be somewhere where they took care of me,” says Brantley, who found just what she was looking for in Patriots Colony At Williamsburg. The Riverside retirement community offers assisted living that includes 24/7 nursing care with easy access  to physicians.

For Brantley, her one-bedroom apartment provides the peace of mind she didn’t have any more in her Norge home, where she lived alone since losing her husband, Duie, a former Air Force Senior Master Sergeant, in 2017.

Brantley considers herself pretty healthy at age 88, but she fell multiple times in her home. Every time that happened, she had to rely on a neighbor or her son to come and help.

At Patriots Colony, Brantley started out in convalescent care for a few weeks before transitioning to a one-bedroom unit.

“They had a walker waiting for me,” she says. “I walk with that all the time.”

In her two and a half years since becoming a resident, Brantley hasn’t fallen once.

Brantley also appreciates the staff for managing her medicines, “so I don’t have to think about that.”

In many ways, she’s actually grown more independent at Patriots Colony, which provides transportation to take her anywhere she’d like to go. Sometimes that’s shopping; other times it’s a scenic drive.

Not cooking is also a plus.

“Our dining is good; we have a choice of menu,” she says. “I always have plenty to eat.”

Brantley highly recommends Patriots Colony, adding, “I don’t think you could find a place any better that does more for you.”