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Patriots Colony offers a variety of financial options to help residents have confidence and peace of mind when making such a big decision. Speak to a marketing counselor to determine which plan is best for you.


Life at Patriots Colony is focused on making the most of every day and living with as few worries as possible. That's why we provide LifeCare, a special program offering financial protection for your assets and guaranteed comprehensive health care coverage today and in the future. Only a handful of communities in the Williamsburg/Peninsula area offer LifeCare, and none of them provide the security and peace of mind that come with backing by Riverside Health System.

Our LifeCare plan offers residents a variety of Entrance Fee refund options. No matter what the future holds, your health care needs are met without the worry of wondering how to afford your care.

Residence and Services Plan

In lieu of LifeCare, those who wish to self-insure or have long-term care insurance can choose our Residence and Services agreement. (For purposes of comparison, some communities refer to this as "Fee for Service.")

Under the Residence and Services program, residents pay the current market rates for health care services, if needed. This may be a good option for those with private long-term care insurance since all or most of their health care costs will be covered by their insurance provider.

A couple may also choose a "Combined Agreement," meaning that one spouse chooses LifeCare and the other chooses a Residence and Services plan.

The best way to determine which plan is right for you is to meet with one of our marketing counselors. They can assist you in determining your priorities and goals and make a recommendation to help guide your decision.

Fee Descriptions

There are two types of fees associated with a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC): entrance fees and monthly service fees.

The entrance fee is a one-time, upfront cost for the residence and the agreement that guarantees lifetime residency and access to the continuum of care. Monthly fees are based on the size of the residence, number of occupants and whether the LifeCare or Residence and Services agreement is chosen.

Your fees include your residence, daily services and amenities and access to a full continuum of care sponsored by Riverside Health System. Fees will vary based on the type and size of residence, occupancy, the entrance fee refund option, the continuum of care option and amount of entrance fee vs. monthly fee you wish to pay.

Compare the Value

The value of calling Patriots Colony home is greater than the fees alone: it is represented in the freedom, peace of mind and security offered by the active retirement lifestyle within a CCRC. Even more, backing by Riverside means the resources and expertise of a trusted, local health system are at your fingertips.

Very often people assume that once their mortgage is paid off it is less expensive to stay in their current home throughout their retirement years. However, maintaining a home, at any stage of life, is not without costs. Your Patriots Colony marketing counselor can help you compare costs and create a strategy for making the most of your financial assets.

Refund Options

Patriots Colony offers three entrance fee options ranging from a Declining Refund Plan to 95 percent and 50 percent refunds. All plans provide lifetime benefits and include a 100 percent refund of the entrance fee if the plan is terminated for any reason within the first 30 days of occupancy.

  • Declining Refund Entrance Fee: This plan allows for a declining refund over a 50-month period. The amount available for a refund declines by two percent per month over the first 50 months of residency. This offers the lowest initial investment, allowing residents to preserve more of their assets.
  • 50 Percent Refundable Entrance Fee: This plan allows for a return of 50 percent of the original entrance fee paid upon residency. The potential refund declines two percent for the initial 25 months of residency, then freezes at 50 percent of the entrance fee paid. This plan has a higher initial investment than the Declining Refund plan.
  • 95 Percent Refundable Entrance Fee: This plan allows for a return of 95 percent of the original entrance fee paid upon residency. This plan has a higher initial investment than the two other refund options.

Refunds are paid per the terms of the Residency Agreement. For those choosing the LifeCare agreement, a portion of your entrance fee and monthly service fee may be tax-deductible as a prepaid medical expense. Consult your tax advisor for eligibility.

To learn more about our financial options and which is best for you, please contact us.

Resident Choice of Fee Structure

For each of the entrance fee options listed above, residents have a choice of paying the standard entrance fee and monthly fees or paying a reduced entrance fee with slightly higher monthly fees.

Choice 1- Any of the refund options with standard entrance fee and monthly fees
Choice 2 - Any of the refund options with a reduced entrance fee and higher monthly fees

This added flexibility allows residents to minimize either the initial investment or the monthly cost.

Simplify Your Move with Special Relocation Services

Patriots Colony is connected to a network of resources to help ensure a smooth move to your new home. Our realtors and downsizing and relocation experts can be hired to assist you throughout the process, from the sale of your current home to choosing where to best place furniture and other treasured items in your new residence at Patriots Colony.

Your Patriots Colony marketing counselor can provide you with full details on these services. Call us at (757) 220-9000.

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