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Riverside Medical Group Opens the Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic in Southeast Newport News

May 11, 2022
Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic

Riverside Health System is pleased to announce Riverside Medical Group (RMG) has opened the Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic in southeast Newport News. The practice is taking the place of the former Community Free Clinic, which served the area as local primary care and dental facility for more than a decade. The space will be used to provide medical and dental care in addition to preventative services to continue the commitment to reliable, ongoing care within the underserved community.

“Access to health care requires so many aspects of everyday life to be consistent, including housing, education, transportation and nearby primary care resources. Often, only emergency care options are easily accessible in underserved areas. While emergency settings solve for immediate care needs, it leaves a gap in ongoing support for maintaining health,” says Sally Ryan, Chief Operations Officer for Riverside Medical Group. “We have been a part of the Community Free Clinic and are dedicated to continuing its efforts as a longstanding source for everyday health care needs. Through well-founded, trustworthy care, we are eager for the Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic to continue to break down disparities in our service area.” 

The clinic founders, Golden H. Bethune Hill, RN, MSN, a retired Riverside executive and her husband, Dr. Charlie W. Hill, a retired business executive grew up in the Southeast Community of Newport News. After many years of serving the community, they recognized the need to provide primary medical and dental care for uninsured residents of the Virginia Peninsula; many in the southeast community. To support the Hill’s efforts to close health disparities in the community, the Riverside Foundation donated space, operational and medical resources to ensure devoted care without a cost. After 12 years of service, the Community Free Clinic saw changes to Medicaid eligibility, which gave many patients access to health care insurance but no longer made them eligible for the much-needed care they received at the clinic. Additionally, the pandemic also changed how and where patients received care and Riverside realized the potential impact removing a devoted health care center could have and working with the Hills decided to change the direction of the clinic. 

As part of the facility’s revival, the Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic accepts all types of insurance – including Medicaid – and continues to serve uninsured patients to ensure care is always convenient and affordable. Services include comprehensive primary care services, a full-time dental practice and prescription pickups; staff help eligible patients apply for free or reduced-cost medications. RMG also plans to add prenatal services and educational programs such as classes on diabetes management, cancer prevention and medication compliance. For those seeking care, individuals can call the Charlie W. and Golden Bethune Hill Community Health Clinic to schedule an appointment at (757) 316-5210.

“We’re thankful for the thousands of patients who trusted our team to provide kindness, professionalism and compassion for their health and their challenging life circumstances. We couldn’t be prouder that Riverside has agreed to continue providing these high-quality services for all patients who come to the clinic for care,” said Dr. Charlie Hill and Golden Bethune Hill. “A gift to the Riverside Foundation is just one step we can all take in ensuring this essential resource will continue far into the future. Our profound desire is that past contributors and new donors will be inspired to join us in supporting this important and often life-saving work.”

Charitable gifts to the clinic through the Riverside Foundation will allow us to continue Golden and Charlie’s good work and support ongoing access to lifesaving prevention, care and education efforts. Gifts can be made online at riversideonline.com/give or by contacting the Riverside Foundation at 757-234-8740.