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Riverside Cancer Care Network Expanding Stereotactic Radiosurgery to Williamsburg

November 14, 2023
radiosurgery machine in office setting

Today, Riverside Health System announces the expansion of its radiosurgery services, a form of noninvasive treatment that utilizes focused radiation for tumors and lesions, to Williamsburg. Stereotactic radiosurgery will give patients access to state-of-the-art radiation therapy, providing another option for the treatment of benign or malignant tumors and lesions. Riverside has offered radiosurgery services since 2005 at Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) in partnership with the UVA Health and Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, and now will be bringing radiosurgery to Williamsburg.

Stereotactic body radiosurgery is a well-established, noninvasive treatment for tumors throughout the body, including lungs, spine, prostate, liver, abdomen and pelvis. This “knifeless” surgery uses a linear accelerator with precision radiation beam shaping capability. Each beam can be customized individually, allowing for precise treatments for tumors of all shapes. Stereotactic body radiosurgery is virtually painless, and patients recover quickly. The capability for sub-millimeter accuracy allows for the patient’s healthy tissue to be protected, resulting in a treatment that is effective and beneficial while limiting potential radiation side effects and toxicity. 

“The addition of this technology in Williamsburg increases access to high quality cancer care for those in the community,” says Mark Chisam, M.D., Radiation Oncologist with Riverside Radiation Oncology. “We are very proud to have this service added to our radiation department in Williamsburg and know that the inclusion of radiosurgery will enhance treatment options for those undergoing treatment for common cancers such as lung, liver, pancreas, and prostate cancer.”

Further enhancing personalized radiation treatments offered, is the addition of surface guided radiation therapy with C-RAD.  Surface guided radiation therapy, or SGRT, enhances precision by utilizing advanced camera technology to track and monitor patient movements during set-up and treatment.  In addition to improved accuracy, this technology adds peace of mind and involvement of the patient if a breath hold is needed for treatment. This is accomplished by utilizing innovative light panels to coach the patient to a precise breath-hold level. C-RAD compliments existing components such as image guidance, computer modeling and the extensive planning by the care team who work together to deliver the most precise radiation to the tumor while protecting healthy surrounding tissue and organs.  

“The expansion of radiosurgery to Williamsburg is a testament to Riverside Cancer Care Network's commitment to bringing leading-edge treatments and therapies to the community,” said Ruth Van Davelaar, Director of Radiation Oncology and Radiosurgery at Riverside Health System. “We know that having this state-of-the-art technology for those in the local community will enhance their overall experience as we partner with them through their care journey.”

C-RAD is currently in place and Stereotactic body radiation therapy will commence in December. To learn more about the expansion of the Riverside Cancer Care Network’s radiation therapy services in Williamsburg, please visit riversideonline.com/radiosurgery