Riverside and Sentara are Monitoring the Global IV Contrast Shortage

May 13, 2022
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Riverside Health System and Sentara Healthcare, along with many U.S. and global health systems, are affected by the worldwide shortage of injectable contrast solutions. Intravenous contrast solution is used in certain medical imaging tests (primarily in some types of CT scans) and many medical procedures involving the heart and blood vessels. 

Due to the worsening COVID-19 crisis in China and recent lockdowns, one of the world’s top contrast production and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai was forced to temporarily shut down. While the facilities have since reopened, GE Healthcare, one of the major suppliers of contrast media, informed customers that the impact of the shortage is expected to last for the next few months.

At this time, both health systems are monitoring and managing their supply and continuing to schedule appointments. There will be no impact to life-saving health services for our community members. We are working closely with our vendors and are optimistic that our supplies will return to normal soon.

Riverside and Sentara remain committed to working with our patients and community to provide excellent patient care. Thank you for your patience. We will contact patients directly if there is an impact to any scheduled imaging appointments.