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The Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Hampton Improves to Five-Star Ranking from CMS

September 18, 2017

The Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Hampton is one of several Riverside long- term care facilities to receive a five-star rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. This accomplishment marks significant improvements to the Center in Hampton, as well as several other Riverside nursing homes, with over half being recognized with a four or five-star rating in 2017. 

"We have always worked to deliver the highest quality care at all our Lifelong Health facilities," said Bill Jolly, administrator of the Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Hampton. "The CMS rankings are an important comparison tool for patients, and based on feedback from the various unannounced inspections we are able to focus our efforts on clinical and facility improvement initiatives that allow us to demonstrate our quality to the public."

These ratings were introduced to help patients and family compare nursing home facilities via Medicare's Nursing Home Compare website. Nationally, about 10% of nursing homes hold a five-star rating. Nursing home peRiverside Foundationormance is based upon criteria like staffing levels, clinical quality indicators, and unannounced on-site health inspections. 

Just last year, only one Riverside facility received the highest rating. But with continued focus on improvement initiatives that center around patient falls, wound care, urinary tract infections, monitoring of pain, and use of antipsychotic medications, Riverside improved ratings across the board and five –or 50% - of its facilities earned the top ranking this year.

"We are making great improvements, but we also recognize that this is an effort that requires continuous readiness, a commitment to quality, and a focused effort around improving outcomes," adds Ed Heckler, vice president of Riverside's Lifelong Health division. "Our patients deserve the very best and we will always work hard to provide excellent care."

About the Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Hampton 

Modeled after the reputable Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Newport News, the Riverside Rehabilitation Center in Hampton offers programs and services designed to help patients experience the highest level of recovery possible, including:

  • A dedicated program for a maximum of 22 rehabilitation patients, which means excellent staffing ratios, personal attention and quality of care
  • A physical therapy suite featuring the latest equipment and technology
  • An occupational therapy room features a simulated kitchen and dining room to rebuild skills for returning home
  • Speech and swallowing therapy provided by a licensed speech therapist as prescribed by your physician
  • New therapy equipment such as Biodex NuStep machines for joint and cardiac conditioning and hydraulic parallel bars

The Center's goal is help patients return to the community with the skills to stay independent. Other amenities include cozy gathering places for family members and loved ones and an outdoor courtyard on the beautifully landscaped campus. Patient rooms are fully equipped with free wireless internet, phone service and free cable television.