Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Expands Hours for 3D Mammography

June 19, 2019

Riverside Tappahannock Hospital expanded its hours for 3D Mammography screening to create evening and Saturday appointment availability to the community, Riverside Health System announced this week.

“We know the value of 3D mammography as an effective screening tool in the early detection of breast cancer,” said Liz Martin, Administrator and Vice President of Riverside Tappahannock Hospital. “We want to ensure that patients have access to our screenings during times that are convenient to them. Offering evening and weekend hours eliminates barriers for people who may struggle to get time away from work or other commitments.”

Mammograms, which are x-ray images of the breast, have long been crucial in diagnosing breast cancer. With the advent of new technology, 3D mammography has been shown to detect more breast cancer, reduce the amount of “false positives” and cut down on the need for women to get additional images following a standard 2D mammogram.

Riverside Tappahannock Hospital added 3D mammography to its women’s imaging services and hospital staff, physicians, and patients have embraced this new screening option and the clarity it can provide. “Riverside Tappahannock Hospital began offering 3D mammography, so women (and men) in the area have access to the very latest screening technology,” adds Martin. “Our care teams are committed to providing the highest quality care that is close to home and personal.”

3D mammography offers clearer pictures of the breast because there are more images taken and an image is reconstructed in 3D so that physicians can examine the breast in multiple layers. This state-of-the-art technology has been proven to detect more breast cancers early, which is key to improving survival rates, and improving quality of life. Masses found earlier will likely result in less aggressive treatment.

This latest expansion of hours follows an ongoing series of investments that Riverside Tappahannock Hospital has introduced to better meet patients’ needs, to include new programs and technologies that aid in diagnostic care, including low dose CT lung cancer screenings.

“We will continue to provide services that make sense for our community and expand access to care,” Martin said. “Whether we are expanding service hours, introducing new providers to the community, or offering the very latest treatment options, our commitment remains focused on how to best serve patients in the Tappahannock and the Northern Neck region.”

To schedule a 3D mammogram, call 800-675-6368 or visit riversideonline.com/schedule. Because of its many benefits, a growing number of insurance carriers fully cover 3D mammography services. Patients should still check with their insurance company to learn more about what services are covered.

Learn more about Riverside Tappahannock Hospital at riversideonline.com/RTH.