2016 Cancer Care Annual Report Released

June 26, 2017
2016 Cancer Care Annual Report Released

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. June 7, 2017 –Riverside Health System has published its 2016 Cancer Care Annual Report, highlighting key statistics, new advancements in local treatment capability, and success stories of patients and providers. The report comes ahead of the annual Riverside Day of Giving community event on June 8 designed to raise awareness and support for Riverside Cancer Care's Therapeutic and Supportive Services.

Statistical Highlights

The report reveals a marked increase in the number of cancer diagnoses in the Riverside's southeastern Virginia service area over the last 10 years. According to the report's 2015 data, a total of 2,639 cancer patients were diagnosed or received initial cancer care at Riverside facility, while only 1,242 diagnosed at Riverside Regional Medical Center in 2005.

Cases of breast cancer had the highest total count across all primary site categories, as well as one of highest increases since 2005. Prostate and lung cancer incidents also rose sharply.

Collectively, breast, lung and prostate cancers represented 65% of all cancers treated at Riverside facilities in 2015.

"The numbers in Riverside's latest Cancer Care Annual Report underscore the growing need for high-quality treatment options and programs in our area," said Dr. Biral S. Amin, Oncology Service Line Chief, Riverside Health System. "The data also reinforces that we are on the right path, as we continue to invest in a variety of new, state-of-the art cancer care offerings and support services that are producing amazing patient outcomes thanks to our world-class staff."

New Technology and Cancer Team Resources

As highlighted in the report, Riverside has added the very latest in brachytherapy and linear accelerator technology to its radiation oncology service offering –making treatments quicker and more comfortable for patients. The report also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the first Gamma Knife®radiosurgery procedure peRiverside Foundationormed at the Chesapeake Regional, Riverside and University of Virginia Radiosurgery Center. Riverside has recently implemented the latest iteration, the Leksell Gamma Knife® PeRiverside Foundationexion™, which delivers even faster treatment planning and programming, decreased treatment time, and a prompt return to normal activity for patients.

Riverside profiled six new physicians added to its cancer care team in 2016, each bringing unique expertise to further enhance the care delivered to oncology patients. Other staff highlighted in the report include Riverside's dedicated surgical oncologist—a physician with a rare specialty in cancer surgeries.

Accolades and Success Stories

The report also showcased a number of accolades, noting that all four of Riverside's radiation oncology centers were reaccredited by the American College of Radiology in 2016.

In addition, the Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services selected Riverside Cancer Care's seven practices and 15 providers—more than any other health system of eight in Virginia—for its National Oncology Care Model program.

A number of patients are also profiled in the report, telling inspirational personal stories of cancer survival.

Care Beyond Medicine

Described in the report, Riverside's comprehensive focus also encompasses caregivers, survivors and the greater community at every stage along the continuum. It offers more than 100 health events per year, implementing numerous education and support programs, obtaining beneficial grants to reach underserved populations, communicating consistent prevention and early detection messages, and facilitating and providing space for support groups.

Celebrating Riverside Day of Giving on June 8

Riverside will host a Day of Giving community event on June 8 from 4-7 PM in City Center at Oyster Point. The annual event is designed to raise awareness and support for Riverside Cancer Care's patient-centered Therapeutic and Supportive Services.

Participants will get a chance to learn about how Integrative Medicine –involving music therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, and nutrition counseling –as well as genetic counseling, and patient navigators and other specialized supportive therapies can decrease stress, pain and side effects.

Complete with live music, food trucks, massages, live yoga classes, therapy dogs and community business partners, the Day of Giving provides an enjoyable opportunity for attendees to celebrate often unsung community "superheroes" who can demonstrate how to be #strongerthancancer.

For more information on the Riverside Day of Giving, visit riversideonline.com/dayofgiving or look for the #strongerthancancer hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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