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Brain and Spine

Riverside Offers Mazor X Robotic Guided Spinal Surgeries

March 31, 2021
Medtronic’s Mazor X™ Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform

Riverside Health System is proud to announce it is the first health system in Hampton Roads to offer the latest iteration of navigated spine robots with the addition of Medtronic’s Mazor X Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform to its spinal surgery offerings. This robotic platform combines pre-operative planning software, instrument and implant navigation and robotic guidance for placement of implants into the spine. 

Riverside’s Neurological & Spine Institute is a comprehensive center bringing together specialists and sub-specialists with advanced technology to care for the complex injuries and disorders of the spine, brain and nervous system.  As such, Riverside’s Neurological & Spine Institute is pleased to add this advanced surgical system to its comprehensive spinal program to provide an additional tool to ensure patients are able to receive the right care for their unique spinal anatomy and condition. 

“With the growth of Riverside’s Neurological & Spine Institute over the past decade, Riverside has established its reputation as a leader in spine surgery with its advanced technologies, highly trained surgeons and excellence in patient care,” said Bill Downey, CEO of Riverside Health System, “The Mazor X™ Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform helps our Neurological & Spine Institute continue our leadership in spine surgery excellence and furthers our mission to care for others as we would care for those we love. We look forward to the additional benefits this technology will bring our patients and our team.”

Riverside chose the Mazor X™ Stealth Edition Robotic Guidance Platform to provide its neuro and spine surgeons with pre-operative assessment and intra-operative trajectory precision when treating patients.  This unique system is especially useful in caring for patients requiring spinal surgeries related to degenerative, postural, curvature and other conditions. 

Using a 3D simulation of the patient’s spine, Riverside surgeons now have comprehensive information and visualization prior to surgery.  It also allows for precise robotic navigation during the surgery as well as intra-operative verification of any implants.  The combination of these advanced components allows the surgeons to operate with precision, efficiency and confidence, ultimately allowing patients to have less invasive surgery, less pain and faster recovery from the procedures.  Following extensive training, surgeries utilizing the new robotic system began in March. 

“We conducted our first patient surgeries with the new system last month, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results,” said Riverside neurosurgeon Jackson Salvant, M.D., “The Mazor X technology has been an excellent addition to our spinal surgery offerings. We’re proud to offer simpler, less invasive options to support thoracic and lumbar surgeries locally.” 

Riverside’s Neurological & Spine Institute is now using the Mazor X™ Platform as part of its comprehensive spinal program.  While the robotic procedures are only done at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, the surgeons have offices in Newport News and Williamsburg.  For more information, please consult your physician or visit https://www.riversideonline.com/medical-services/neurological-and-spine-institute/neurosurgery/services/neurosurgical-spine-services.