Emergency and Trauma Care

To care for you in the Emergency Room we have teams of nurses, technicians, physicians and administrative professionals working side by side. These teams quickly assess and treat your injury or health issue. We want you to know the many types of medical professionals who may be involved in your diagnosis and care and how to quickly identify them if you need help.

Who we are

With so many people working in an emergency facility, it can be hard for some patients to tell who is who. We help you know who is caring for you by the color of their uniform.

Riverside Emergency Room staff wear specific colors, each representing a unique care category. Here is a guide to help you identify the role of each team member:

  • Doctors - navy blue
  • Nurses - red
  • Technicians - khaki or sage
  • Secretaries, Customer Service Associates - yellow
  • Registration Associates - emerald green
  • Environmental Services - burgundy

Together our entire emergency staff is committed to providing the best emergency care possible.