Emergency and Trauma Care

What To Bring With You to the Emergency Room

In order to care for you or your loved one, the clinical team needs to have as much information about your health as possible. This includes medications, medical history and any other substances you may ingest whether they are herbal remedies, illegal drugs or cigarettes. In order to avoid any unintended drug interactions, it is very important to be truthful and share all of the information.

Circumstances will vary for each individual, but in general the following is a list of information you will be asked for in the emergency room:

  • List of all current medications, including prescription and over-the counter medications, herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements. This should also include medicated creams and ointments, eye drops, inhalers, medication pumps or other medicines not taken by mouth.
  •  List of dosages of each medication, when you take it, and when your last dose was
  •  List of any other substances you use such as tobacco, vape pens, illicit or recreational drugs or substances you use
  • List of any implants or devices you may have, such as a joint replacement or a pacemaker
  • Name of your primary care provider
  •  List of known allergies and medication reactions
  •  Medical history including conditions and prior surgeries
  • Telephone number(s) of family, friends or next of kin
  • Pharmacy name, location and phone number
  • Insurance card and related information
  • In addition to bringing the needed information, please leave all valuables at home.