Heart and Vascular

Cardiovascular excellence at riverside 

Riverside Health System brings together an entire team of heart and vascular specialists focused on delivering compassionate, comprehensive and individualized care across the communities we serve.

Minutes matter with a cardiac emergency and you can be confident that Riverside offers the most comprehensive and progressive cardiovascular care in the region.  With Certified Chest Pain Centers on the Virginia Peninsula and Middle Peninsula as well as access to experienced specialists in all regions, you can stay close to home for your cardiovascular diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

Heart and vascular services and specialty programs

Riverside provides a comprehensive cardiovascular network of services across our geographic region, including imaging, diagnostic, interventional and surgical capabilities. Many of the most advanced cardiovascular services are centrally located at Riverside Regional Medical Center, however patients have access to high quality heart and vascular screening and diagnostic services across all of our convenient locations and within our physician offices. Riverside’s spectrum of cardiac and vascular services include:

Learn more about heart health and how to manage your risk factors

It is critical to know your numbers and risk factors regarding your cardiovascular health and optimal heart function. This means knowing your cholesterol, triglyceride, blood glucose and A1c numbers. These should be checked at annual check-ups or more frequently if elevated or concerning to your primary care provider. 

If you do not have a primary care provider, please call 757-534-5352 or make an online appointment. Many conditions affect heart health, such as lifestyle, age and family history, but other health conditions also play a significant role in your cardiovascular health. Diabetes or uncontrolled blood glucose can damage your blood vessels over time, so it’s important to ensure careful monitoring of not only your numbers but also any health conditions that can impact heart health. 

Learn more about cardiovascular health 

To learn more about cardiovascular health and essential information on heart and vascular disease prevention, visit Riverside’s Healthy YOU blog or find helpful information through the following national resources:

If you or a loved one has questions about your cardiovascular health or risk factors, talk to your primary care provider, cardiologist or vascular specialist. To make an appointment with a Riverside cardiologist or vascular specialist, please make an online appointment or call the location nearest to you.