Heart and Vascular

Vascular Services at Riverside are provided by a team of physicians including surgeons, interventional radiologists and cardiologists working together with a team of highly trained and experienced nurses and technicians. This multi-specialty approach means that patients at Riverside have access to a wide range of the latest options in vascular diagnosis and repair.

Non-invasive vascular lab

The non-invasive vascular lab (NIVL) sometimes referred to as the peripheral vascular lab performs a wide range of ultrasound studies to detect blockages in the arteries and veins of the arms and legs as well as the arteries that supply blood flow to the brain.

CT scan

As CAT scan technology improves the options for non-invasive diagnosis of vascular disease are expanding. Riverside radiologists are now using CT scanners to accurately locate artery blockages and chart out the best treatment options. Coupled with NIVL testing and interventional radiology procedures, many patients will enjoy better outcomes with easier and less complicated treatments.

Interventional radiology

In addition to angiograms to diagnose blockages, doctors in this specialty perform catheter-based treatments including balloon angioplasty and stent procedures. Many patients can have these procedures performed and then recover in an outpatient setting so that they can return home on the same day

Surgical bypass

The highest level of treatment options are offered by Riverside surgeons who perform bypass operations to restore blood flow in the legs and arms as well the blood flow to the brain. These procedures can allow full recovery of blood flow to affected areas and can prevent serious health outcomes such as stroke or amputation.

Aortic aneurysm

Aortic aneurysms are one of the most complicated and potentially dangerous vascular conditions. Riverside physicians working together as a team are now utilizing one of the newest treatments for this condition. Endovascular stents are being used to cover the aneurysm to reduce the risk of sudden rupture and bleeding. A team of radiologists and surgeons are using a unique team approach to perform these endovascular procedures together to insure the highest level of safety for their patients. This new procedure will reduce the need for a very complicated bypass procedure for many patients.

Vascular clinic

Riverside physicians staff a specialty clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. Located at Riverside Regional Medical Center, the clinic will offer patients and their primary care physicians a unique one-stop location for these services. Eliminating the need for multiple referrals and test locations, the team clinic physicians will work together to design the best treatment plan for each patient.