Heart and Vascular

Interventional Cardiology / Cardiac Catheterization

Many of the most effective and innovative treatments for heart disease are performed through minimally-invasive, catheter-based techniques in one of Riverside’s three cardiac catheterization labs.

Interventional cardiologists at Riverside Heart & Vascular Center use the latest technologies and equipment for treatment of coronary artery disease including balloon angioplasty and drug-eluting stents. These two technologies open and stabilize coronary artery blockages. The interventional cardiologists also perform a highly powerful clot-busting procedure using the Angiojet to remove clots before a balloon or stent procedure is performed.

In an emergency, the STEMI Alert (heart attack) program is offered in conjunction with area emergency and rescue departments, allowing the Riverside medical team to receive remote EKG information before a patient arrives at the hospital. Emergency physicians are able to rapidly mobilize the cardiovascular team to provide emergency angioplasty and stent treatments that generally lead to improved clinical outcomes.