Heart and Vascular

Clinical cardiology research

Riverside cardiologists participate in many clinical protocols and clinical trials related to heart and vascular conditions. Clinical trials and research help to develop new treatments for cardiac disease. The cardiology research unit, in conjunction with our cardiologist principal investigators, is responsible for the safe and accurate operation of these beneficial programs.

Riverside is currently participating in several clinical trials including emergency treatment of heart attack, early diagnosis of heart disease in diabetic patients, and comparisons of different types of coronary artery stents.

Referral system

Primary care physicians may make direct referrals to any Riverside specialist who will start the process and coordinate the admission or transfer of patients from other facilities. Referring physicians may contact the specialist of their choice or contact the specialist on call by calling 757-594-2000.

Family amenities

Riverside has made arrangements with local hotels to provide complimentary and reduce rate accommodations for the families of cardiac patients who must travel from outside the area. Please contact Riverside Regional Medical Center Administration at 757-594-4012 for more information.