Heart and Vascular

For more than twenty years Riverside has provided advanced surgical heart care to our community and many others outside of it who have come to receive world class care by experienced, skilled physicians. Our cardiovascular physician specialists have performed over 8,500 open heart surgeries including bypass and cardiac valve repair and replacement procedures.

In some bypass surgery cases, our physicians use a special technique called “off pump coronary artery bypass.” In these cases called OPCAB, the bypass surgery is performed without using the heart-lung bypass machine. This procedure is not suited for all patients and physicians will determine the best course of treatment for each individual patient.

Cardiac surgery clinic

To insure that patients get the very best care during and after cardiac surgery, a nurse practitioner closely monitors patients during the hospitalization period. For a few weeks after discharge, patients may continue seeing the nurse practitioner at a specialty clinic so that additional monitoring and treatment can be rendered.