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Getting Started With In-Home Private Care

Whether you need help with daily activities, home health care, palliative care or hospice, your health care decisions are deeply personal to you and your family. You’ll want to consider all your options to maintain independence in familiar surroundings. Riverside At Home can help you get started with assistance to meet your everyday needs.

When to Consider In-Home Private Care

Everyone ages differently. Our abilities change over time, especially when we're facing health issues. Knowing when it’s time to seek assistance with daily tasks can be challenging. A few signs you or your loved one may want to consider having in-home private care may include:

  • Changes in appearance, personal hygiene, diet and cleanliness.
  • Changes in personality, including mood swings, sadness and depression.
  • Inability to perform day-to-day tasks that once were simple, including bathing, preparing meals and housekeeping.
  • Having accidents or falls around the home.
  • Issues with memory loss.

Take the Next Steps

As you weigh the benefits of In-Home Private Care, you’ll want to:

  • Assess the activities you require assistance with and the level of aid you want.
  • Get input, advice and support from your loved ones. They will offer invaluable insights and help you make informed decisions about your care.
  • Explore the financial aspects of In-Home Private Care, the services Riverside At Home offers and any insurance coverage or assistance programs available to you.
  • Seek advice from health care professionals, social workers or doctors who know your unique situation. They can help you determine whether In-Home Private Care is suitable or if you may require additional health services.
  • Research our In-Home Private Care Services, contact us to schedule an in-home assessment and learn how our providers can help you with daily activities.
  • Get to know your caregiver to evaluate your compatibility, express your wishes and share your expectations.
  • Maintain open communication between Riverside’s care teams to regularly review and discuss your care plan, ensuring it aligns with your evolving needs.

Paying for In-Home Private Care

In-Home Private Care is an out-of-pocket expense. We work with long-term care insurance to satisfy all documentation needed for claims. Give us a call today to learn more about paying for care and how to get started with specialized In-Home Private Care Services.


Choosing the right level of care is crucial, and our team will support you throughout the process. Regardless of the extent of care you need, our goal is simple: To help you live a fulfilling and comfortable life wherever you call home. Contact us today at 757-534-6161 to learn more about our in-home private care services and how Riverside At Home can assist you or your loved one on the journey toward improved well-being and independence.

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