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Riverside's Day of Giving 2023

This year, on December 7, we will unite to support remarkable. Together, we can take a collective step towards fulfilling our mission to Care for Others as We Would Care for Those We Love. On Day of Giving, we invite you to join us in an inspiring act of generosity, where you can give a gift to the cause that holds a special place in your heart. Your support, no matter how big or small, can make an incredible impact.

Give to what means the most to you

Day of Giving asks our community to come together to provide immediate, vital funds for team-member identified projects that need support now.

But these projects are only a few of the ways philanthropy makes an impact in the lives of our patients, team members, and communities. Make a gift to the area closest to your heart today and join us in making this year’s Day of Giving the best yet.

Make Your Gift Today!
Day of Giving 2023
Riverside day of giving fully funded

Every Minute Counts

Supporting Stroke Care at Riverside

During a stroke, every minute is precious. Delays in care can lead to severe, lasting complications for patients. Your support can make a significant difference. By providing first responders with state-of-the-art epoc Systems, we enable EMTs to conduct lab-accurate tests enroute to the hospital. This ensures that immediate and precise treatment begins as soon as patients arrive at our Emergency Department. With your help, we can save lives. Join us in this crucial mission to make every minute count for stroke patients.

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Teens Reading_Funded

Books for Healing

Nurturing Minds at Riverside Mental Health Recovery Center

Many patients at Riverside Mental Health Recovery Center (RMHRC) require extended stays for inpatient programs. By providing a comprehensive library of continuing education materials and books, we empower adolescent and adult patients to stay mentally engaged and pursue their educational goals while outside of direct treatment. Your support will help making a lasting impact on their journey to recovery.

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RCHC Project Fully Funded

Ventilator Training Aids

Empowering Students at Riverside College of Health Careers

This Day of Giving support the Quick Lung Breather, an advanced training device replicating spontaneous breathing patients, to empower Riverside College of Health Careers (RCHC) students in ventilator management. By procuring both Adult and Pediatric systems, we equip students to proficiently care for a diverse range of patients requiring life-saving respiratory support.

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Rapid Response Unit

Strengthening Maternal Care

Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) is experiencing a surge in pregnant and postpartum patients. While care teams are already providing the highest quality care, Post-Partum Hemorrhage poses a significant risk and necessitates quick intervention. The teams using the existing Rapid Response Unit are already saving lives, but the increasing patient volume calls for an additional unit in the Women and Infant Care/Postpartum units. Your support can save lives by enhancing immediate, non-invasive treatment for new mothers, ensuring our communities continue to receive top-quality maternity care.

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Don’t forget your holiday ornament!

We invite you to participate in our "Reflections of Endless Love" campaign in support of remarkable health care close to home. With gifts of $100 or more, we will mail your ornament to you and proudly display the names of those honored in our acute care facilities at the Riverside Foundation's Gratitude Centers. These celebrations of life and gratitude will be part of the festive decor that will warm the hearts of all who pass by this holiday season. Order by 12/9 to receive by 12/25.