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Become a Legacy donor by leaving a gift in your will or including Riverside in your estate

There are several ways to make a gift that costs you nothing today, below are some of the most popular:

  • Charitable Bequest (gifts included in your will or estate)
    Charitable gifts can be contributed through will or trust in the form of a dollar amount, percentage of estate, portion of residuary estate, real estate, publicly traded securities, or through an heir.
  • Beneficiary Designation
    Contributions may be made through your life insurance policy or retirement plan such as an Individual Retirement Account.
  • Stocks and Investment Accounts
    Investment accounts hold cash or stocks for the long term. You may have a mutual fund or a brokerage account, which is held at a financial institution. The objective of these accounts is to achieve long-term growth, provide future income or preserve capital. After your passing, the remaining account balance may be transferred to heirs or charity.
  • Living Tributes
    Support remarkable health care today through any of our Riverside Funds, such as the Make a Difference Funds, which allow you to support the area of health care that means the most to you personally. Unrestricted gifts are used to meet the greatest health care needs of our community, and can be designated to honor or memorialize someone you love. Learn more.

To learn more about legacy giving, contact Amy Ryan, Director of Gift Planning and Special Projects, at 757-234-8743 or [email protected]

Create a Remarkable Remembrance

Including Riverside in your will or bequest is an extraordinary way to create a lasting legacy. We encourage you to join our special group of donors who choose to make a remarkable remembrance. Your planned gift can honor your family's name, a loved one,or a caregiver who made a remarkable difference. Including Riverside in your will allows us to recognize you as a member of the Cornerstone Society, and you will receive special recognition and invitations to special events. If you have already remembered Riverside in your estate plan, please let us know.

Ways to Give through your Estate Plan

You can name Riverside as a beneficiary of specific assets or a portion of your estate plan. You may want to consider a gift from a retirement plan, life insurance policy, donor advised fund, stock, or other financial accounts.

Gifts Anyone Can Make

Provide now for a future gift to Riverside by including a provision in your will or other estate plans. You can specify how we will use your gift.

  • Perpetuate your values
  • Retain control of your assets during a lifetime
  • Modify your gift to address changing circumstances
  • Take advantage of tax laws that help preserve your assets

Legacy Donor Recognition

The Riverside Health System Cornerstone Society celebrates estate donors through lifetime recognition. These remarkable individuals are acknowledged in our major publications, and invited to major openings and lectures as well as exclusive programs and events. Those contributing $10,000 or more are honored as members of our Founder's Society. Though we show our appreciation in many ways, there is no honor greater than knowing you have helped secure the health and happiness of your community for years to come.

Together, we can care for others as we would care for those we love. We thank you for your interest in becoming a Riverside Legacy Donor. If you, or your financial advisor, would like any additional information about these or other gift strategies, please contact us.

Donor Stories

Susan and Robert McCreary: A Garden to Honor her Parents

Susan McCreary's parents, George and Estelle Abernathy, were Newport News civic leaders for more than half a century. When Susan wanted to honor them, their love of gardening was the first thing that came to mind. And thus, the Abernathy Gardens was born. Susan's efforts to create the Garden began more than a decade ago. The project became a cooperative undertaking by Susan and her husband Robert, Riverside Health System, the City of Newport News and the Mariners' Museum. Later, other contributors joined the effort, the Huntington Garden Club, funding one of the Garden's centerpieces — a meditative labyrinth designed to inspire its visitors. "The labyrinth is one of the very favorite places for me within the Garden," Susan said. "I know lots of patients from Riverside, especially the Cancer Care Center, spend time there to meditate or just be alone for a few minutes and I'm so glad it's a help for them."

Judy Gindhart: A Planned Gift to Remember a Daughter

The Gindhart Scholarship Fund was established to honor Judy Gindhart's daughter, Jennifer. There is no pain greater than that experienced by a parent who loses a child. She knows better than most the deep hurt such a loss can bring. In 2014, her daughter Jennifer passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a year after graduating from the nursing program at the Riverside College of Health Careers. She was 31 years old. "I gave it a lot of thought and prayer and then one day it just came to me. Riverside had given so much to Jennifer both in financial help and personal guidance while she was in school that I needed to give something back in Jennifer's name. I had found my cause," she said.

Pat Costello: Helping to Meet Cancer Patients' Needs

It was their deep, enduring love that carried Deb and Pat Costello through her two-decade battle with cancer, and it was love and compassion that inspired them to give generously in support of others facing the pain and hardships of battling cancer. For more than 20 years, Deb would fight and win nine battles with different forms of the disease before being diagnosed with the leukemia that finally claimed her life in May of 2016. Even now, Pat talks about Deb with a certain awe at her enormous strength and their great love for one another. "She just wouldn't give in or give up." In addition to regular gifts they made over the years, the Costellos have established the Debra Roob Costello Endowment through the Riverside Foundation to benefit medical oncology patients with critical unmet needs in Williamsburg. "We just wanted to give something in gratitude for our good fortune."