Riverside Foundation Celebrates Patricia R. St. Clair: 2020 Distinguished Citizen of the Year

March 01, 2021

Riverside Foundation
Patti R. St. Clair portrait in her home

During a challenging year, the Riverside Foundation continued the tradition of celebrating its dedicated supporters, a tradition set in motion in 2019 with the recognition of twenty of the most remarkable people and entities who built the Foundation into what it is today.

And now, each year, the Foundation will add to this powerhouse list by naming a distinguished provider and a distinguished citizen of the year. These indomitable supporters have thrown their enthusiasm and engagement behind the Foundation to ensure the best in treatment and comfort for our patients.

The Riverside Foundation is proud to announce 2020’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year: Patti R. St. Clair.

Of the many volunteer titles she has earned over the years including founder, board chair, donor, and visionary, the title that best describes Patti St. Clair is philanthropist. Patti has channeled her lifetime of service to benefit those most in need and wherever the opportunity presented itself.

Raised to embrace the rewards of giving back to her community, Patti led many volunteer and fundraising efforts throughout her life that benefited museums, horse-industry non-profit organizations, and her children’s schools. In the health care arena, she has focused her boundless energy on cancer prevention, treatment, and education. As Riverside’s 2020 Distinguished Citizen of the Year, Patti St. Clair stands as a model of philanthropic spirit and has been generous in helping Riverside work toward visionary goals.

Patti has always been passionate in how she gives of her time, talent and treasure. Whether it is meeting with a hospital administrator or another volunteer, Patti says, “I love talking and working with people who have the same passion as I do. Together, we can make a difference.” It is this passion that she wants others to feel as they consider becoming involved in a philanthropic way. “The rewards of giving come when you see the impact of your efforts,” she says.

Patti finds that the constant advances in cancer treatment are some of the most exciting developments in health care. She fully supports Riverside’s focus on local, leading-edge, world-class cancer treatment that keeps the patient close to home. Along these lines, Patti was thrilled to see the collaboration efforts between Riverside and VCU’s Massey Cancer Center to learn new approaches to cancer treatment.

Patti understands the benefits of collaboration on many levels. Two years ago, she inspired the creation of a ladies’ health advocacy group – a quarterly gathering of community donors, cancer survivors, clinicians and Riverside administrators. They receive updates on Riverside’s efforts to improve cancer treatment and education, and they each take an active role in their respective areas to encourage these efforts and other related goals.

Because cancer has affected Patti’s loved ones, including her late husband, Lew, and her parents, she knows more can be done to ease the burden of dealing with the disease and even help prevent it. Recently, she has seen a close friend with breast cancer receive leading-edge cancer therapy and become cancer free, all while receiving an individualized and integrative approach to her care.

Patti is not afraid of big aspirations, and she encourages others to dream about how they can have a positive philanthropic impact and the true happiness that comes with the rewards. “When you volunteer, you look for the opportunities that you can build into strengths. Success in that is your reward,” says Patti, who knows just how that feels.

Join us as we celebrate Mrs. St. Clair and our other honorees at RemarkaBall 2022

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