About Us

historic Riverside hospital buildingThe first Riverside hospital was born from the very same mission we adhere to today. In 1910, Dr. W. S. Hobson recognized a critical need in his community: there was only one outdated, 25-bed hospital in Newport News, Virginia, a growing city of 20,000. With the support of local shipyard president, Walter Post, Dr. Hobson was able to rally the community and raise $30,000 in only two years enough to give the city a brand new 3-story hospital with 50 available beds.

From the beginning, Riverside has sought to recognize and meet the medical needs of our friends and neighbors. Moreover, we have partnered with these communities to achieve what would otherwise be impossible, transforming Riverside from one small hospital to the successful health system you know today. Over a century of your support has enabled us to achieve the extraordinary, and will continue to empower us to care for others as we would care for those we love.