Riverside Smithfield Hospital

Opening early 2026, this hospital will be state-of-the-art providing residents with high-quality, affordable medical care.

Riverside Smithfield Hospital will provide local residents with greater, more convenient access to high-quality, affordable medical care. It also will support employment of hundreds of professional and support staff.

About Riverside Smithfield Hospital

The 50-bed acute care facility will be built on land owned by Riverside Health System near the intersection of Routes US-258 and VA-10.

Services offered:

  • Emergency department
  • Diagnostic imaging services, including CT and MRI

The hospital will feature:

  • 34 medical/surgical beds
  • 10 intensive care unit beds (ICU)
  • 4 operating rooms 
a photo of RSH timeline

Recent News

Riverside lifts lives and strengthens communities around Virginia

RSH Entrance

RSH Entrance
RSH Entrance RSH Entrance

RSHRendering small RSH Entrance

RSH Aerial Photo RSH Aerial Photo

RSH Entrance

RSHRendering small

Riverside Smithfield Hospital Immersive Design

Riverside Health System Breaks Ground on New Riverside Smithfield Hospital

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