Riverside Regional Medical Center is the First in Eastern Virginia to use Advanced Seizure Monitoring to Optimize Care for Critically Ill Patients

February 22, 2022
Caribell-EEG resized

Riverside Health System is pleased to announce that Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) is the first hospital in Eastern Virginia to fully implement breakthrough technology to detect and diagnose non-convulsive seizure activity in critically ill patients to ensure optimal care is provided as quickly as possible.

“Critically ill patients are at high risk of harmful brainwave patterns called seizures,” says Oladunni Enilari, M.D., Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine Specialist with Riverside Health System. “Many of these patients experience a type of seizure that shows no outward signs and can only be detected using EEG. If untreated, prolonged non-convulsive seizures can lead to permanent brain damage or even death for the patient.”

The Neurocritical Care Society recommends an EEG should be initiated within 15 to 60 minutes of suspected seizure activity. The most recent guidelines from The American Heart Association support these recommendations and require an EEG to be performed on all post cardiac arrest patients to determine if a seizure has occurred.

The device consists of a simple headband, pocket-sized recorder with intuitive software, and an on-line portal for remote viewing. With this system, physicians can review EEG data, access response to treatment and optimize care in real-time. 

“The launch of Ceribell Rapid EEG at RRMC provides our physicians with immediate access to EEG information to assist in the triage of at-risk patients in just 5 minutes,” says Michael Dacey, M.D., President and Chief Operating Officer of Riverside Health System. “The Rapid EEG is the first of its kind and provides a vital sign for brain function providing our teams with increased capabilities to monitor patients for treatment optimization.”