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Riverside Regional Medical Center Earns Echocardiography Accreditation by the IAC

June 15, 2022
press release for ECHO

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), a nonprofit, nationally recognized accrediting organization, has granted Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) a consecutive term of accreditation in adult transthoracic imaging. The prestigious recognition is earned by demonstrating an ongoing pursuit of excellence in the field of echocardiography and the highest quality patient care.

Accreditation by IAC indicates RRMC underwent an intensive application and review process and was found to comply with the published standards thus demonstrating a commitment to quality patient care in heart imaging. The accreditation process involves a detailed self-evaluation and review by medical experts who assess the critical efficiencies and technical components of the facility. Finally, facilities must show their commitment to exceptional and quality cardiac care. 

“It is an honor to receive consecutive recognition from the IAC for our transthoracic imaging as part of our cardiac diagnostic services. This speaks volumes to the talent and quality of care our team members provide to ensure the best outcomes for our patients in their health journey," said Dr. Vikram, a Riverside cardiologist. “We appreciated the recognition and feel inspired to continue striving to provide the best possible outcomes through accurate diagnoses and heart health plans.”

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and in Virginia; attributing to a one of four deaths in the country. As a lifesaving tool, transthoracic imaging is an essential part of a patient’s care that supports the care team's understanding of a patient’s overall heart health including early detection of heart disease. 

“Adult transthoracic imaging is a critical echocardiography service that allows our teams to understand the patient’s heart health and develop a customized care plan that addresses their needs,” said Riverside cardiologist Dr. Alexandra Ward. “ IAC’s seal of approval validates the quality of these efforts to prevent heart disease and another way for us to assure patients they’re receiving the highest quality of care possible.”

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