Primary Care

Doctor Turned Author, Claude Louis, M.D.

October 11, 2021
Dr. Louis signing book

Dr. Louis, a primary care provider with Riverside Medical Group, is passionately committed to both the health of his patients and the underserved people of Haiti. Originally from the community of Kenscoff, Haiti, he says his emphasis on family medicine was the result of years of working with foreign medical teams composed of family physicians and surgeons, first as a translator and later as a medical student.

Dr. Louis recently published his first children’s book, “I’m All Grown Now, Papa.” It is the heartfelt story of an endearing young boy growing up in the rural mountains of Haiti, addressing a series of questions to his father, in heaven, who died when he was only 1 month old. Throughout the story, Dr. Louis paints the picture of how difficult it is for some boys and girls in certain parts of the world to receive an education and realize their dreams.

“I give the credit to my wife for the idea to write a children’s book,” says Dr. Louis. “Our desire was to raise funds to support our school projects in Haiti, and my wife, knowing me all too well, knows I hate to ask people for anything, so with a children’s book, I would have something to offer, not just ask for donations.”

One hundred percent of profits from the sales of his book will go toward tuition sponsorship, teacher training, library development and school construction in Haiti, starting with the very school Dr. Louis attended as a child in Haiti.

“It is a story of tenacity and resilience over a lack of resources, a sustainable fundraiser to support the education programs coordinated through Words In Action Haiti,” says Dr. Louis. Words In Action Haiti is a 501c3 foundation, so people who donate can be sure they will receive receipts for tax deductions.

“When we received the first copies of the book, my wife and I sat down with our children and read through the story,” says Dr. Louis. “It was a very special moment, an emotional one as well for me. I have never been read to; growing up in Haiti, I didn’t even have access to books or libraries. That’s why I enjoy so much reading to my kids.”

“I’m All Grown Now, Papa” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and all major online retail stores.

To learn more about Words In Action Haiti visit www.wiahaiti.org. To learn more about Dr. Louis, visit riversideonline.com/louis.