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Full Time Orthopedicspedic Surgeon Bolsters Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Team

September 14, 2017


Riverside Shore Memorial Hospitalis pleased to announce that Steven Weissfeld, M.D has joined the Riverside team as a full-time board-certified Orthopedicspedist.


Weissfeld is an experienced and highly accomplished Orthopedicspedic surgeon with 35 years of diagnostic and surgical experience serving hospitals across the country.


Certified by the American Board of Orthopedicspedic Surgery, Weissfeld is skilled in a variety of procedures and has a particular interest in knee and shoulder disorders. He also treats a large number of people in the community suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis – both common ailments given the many physical labor activities present on the Eastern Shore.


“I enjoy working with people who have rotator cuff and shoulder impingement problems as well as knee issues,” said Weissfeld. “Whatever the situation, I want to help patients find their best path to healing and avoid long term disability from their problems or injuries.”


For Weissfeld, being a doctor enables him to put his interpersonal skills to work for the community in the name of science.


“I chose medicine initially as a way to combine my people oriented personality with science and have a way to positively impact individual people, the local community and humanity in general,” he said. “I like the chance to work with patients on a personal basis to assist them back to work, sports and life.”


His interest in medicine started when he as young, watching his father treat athletes on the field.


“I enjoy sports and take pleasure in restoring people with injuries to their previous functionality. My dad was a team doctor, so I was around that from an early age,” said Weissfeld.


Weissfeld said that he appreciates the level of support provided by his colleagues and peers across the Riverside network.


“Moving to the Eastern Shore of Virginia gives me the opportunity to bring three decades of experience in Orthopedicspedics to an area that is rural, yet backed by an extended health system.”  He enjoys the small town culture of the Shore that allows him to get to know his patients as neighbors and community members outside of the doctor’s office.


Whenever possible, Weissfeld works to find treatments for his patients that are non-invasive and non-disruptive, taking a “conservative approach to medicine, striving to find non-surgical forms of treatment when indicated.”


Weissfeld hails from America’s great “North Coast” – Cleveland, OH – and grew up near Akron, OH. He earned his undergraduate degree from the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and his graduate degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed his residency with stints at Akron City Hospital, Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron and the University of Washington School of Medicine.


Later, Weissfeld spent most of his adult life in Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida prior to moving to Virginia. He points to the strong sense of community and seasonable climate as key reasons why he and his significant other are choosing to make the Eastern Shore their home.


“We are enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the Shore and the reasonable, four-season climate,” said Weissfeld. “We also like the diverse population and friendly people who seem to be everywhere.”


Weissfeld enjoys golf, cooking and traveling when he is away from the office. He counts two adult children, one adult step child, two grandsons and three step grandkids in his extended family.


An avid sports fan, Weissfeld also enjoys watching Ohio State college athletics and Tampa Bay Lightning professional hockey. Earlier in his career, Weissfeld served as team Orthopedicspedist for a number of high school, college and semi-pro athletic teams, including the Knoxville Cherokees affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins professional hockey team and the Tennessee Smokies affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays professional baseball team.