Top Companies for Leadership Excellence

August 10, 2016
Top Companies for Leadership Excellence

Riverside Health System is pleased to announce its Emerging Leaders Academy Program was ranked among the top 10 percent of companies worldwide in 3 categories during the annual Global Leadership Development Conference and Leadership Excellence Awards for 2016.

·        Best First Time Manager Program

·        Best Use of Team Building

·        Best Use of Classroom and Traditional Training

The prestigious LEAD 2016 Awards saluted the world's top leadership practitioners and programs and highlight their roles in developing their most important asset - their people.

Speaking of Riverside's people, Taffi Simone, was ranked in the top 15 of corporate leaders in the nation by Hr.com. These rankings were based on Emerging Leaders Academy participant testimonials.  "My strongest leadership characteristic is my passion and enthusiasm for unlocking the leadership potential within our team members and helping them achieve their goals." Taffi Simone said, "the best part about developing leaders, is giving them the tools, then watching them discover themselves!"

Taffi Simone has been in an instructor role within Riverside Health system since 2003, when she began teaching at the Riverside School of Radiologic Technology.  Then, in 2013, she had an opportunity to move to system management education, and leadership program development. Taffi was responsible for revamping the previous Talent Development Program, under the direction of Robyn House, Director Work Force Development.  From this process, the Riverside Emerging Leaders Academy was born, and is now delivered from the Riverside College of Health Careers campus once per year to 25 selected high potential Riverside Team Members.

Taffi Simone, along with Riverside Health System, will be featured in additional volumes of the magazine for their achievements, throughout the rest of the year (Aug. 2016).

"Effective leadership development programs and activities are a must in today's business," said Debbie McGrath, CEO of HR.com. "Without leadership, all other resources are ineffective, whether you are operating a non-profit, educational institution, government department, small business, or a large corporation. Programs and individuals recognized in the Leadership Excellence Awards program have made significant contributions developing leaders."

For more than 33 years, Leadership Excellence, now a part of HR.com, the largest global social networking and resource site for human resources professionals, has identified and recognized the top leadership organizations and their strategies and solutions in a yearly ranking by appropriate category.